Topper’s Tuesday

I was up late last night helping Bob and his friends take the body off the sedan and place it on a dolly.  I was only the spotter but all of us were required in order not to do any damage.  Bob has a large garage and a overhead crane for lifting heavy bodies.  We had to weld the carriage bolts to the floorpan in order to keep them from spinning.  We removed all twelve bolts in about an hour and had the body ready to remove.  The complete process took about three nights of hard work to remove all the fenders, interior and rusted bolts.  Tonight we will remove the coupe body and place it on the sedan chassis.  I think the transformation has went smoothly so far and Bob is happy with his cherry sedan body.  Hot Rodder’s are always interested in a new challenge.

I am working on the roadster today and hopefully will finish the hood installation.  I quit worrying about the gaps and just concentrated on making it fit the grille shell.  I really believe this is one of the hardest hoods to fit on an early Ford.  I know a 40 hood can be a problem also but at least they don’t require cutting them to make them fit.  Again, the challenge is welcomed to a certain point and then frustration sets in and you open up another cold one.  Sometimes a different day makes a difference.

The Long Beach Motorama is this weekend and our group plans on attending to see the customs of the past, present and future. I have never been but hear good things about the show.  I am not a big custom fan but do like the history of the cars and the builders.  My week is full so I will close and head to Toppers for some great Pizza.

Stay Tooned!


Cars for sale

This is a very nice rust free delivery that has been with the owner for many years.  Dropped axle, 350/350 with a tuck and roll interior done to match the paint scheme.  Asking price is $45K.

Regular Features

Duke Kustoms has this nice hiboy sedan in process.  The midwestern car’s like the big and little Halibrand style on their builds. I could get by without a haircut on this cherry body.

The late night shift hooked up the hoist to the sedan body for easy lifting.  Be sure to protect the drip rails from bending due to the pressure of the strap.

You need help to steady the body while it is suspended from the hoist.  I am the photographer during these times.

The body is resting on the dolly awaiting the next step which will be media blasting the body and painting the floor prior to installing it on the new chassis.

After Toppers we stopped by Bob’s to look at the progress on the transfer of bodies.

Rich shot this nice crate motor in a 40 Ford as is shows what can be done with paint and chrome with a little planning.

Here is another 40 with the OEM look.  I think these are Cobra motors out of the new Mustangs.

Fat Jack can build black cars that are really low.  Each year I admire this beauty…TCI chassis and TPI motor all detailed to the max.  A Rodder’s Journal feature car.

Today’s motor…..what is it!

I am getting old and I had to look at this engine masterpiece for a while to figure out it is an LS series GM engine.  I know they are the trick motors of today but somewhere along the line I still prefer the old 327 SBC painted orange in hot rods. The above car was a detailed masterpiece and the engine sounded very smooth almost too smooth.  Maybe I need to improve my knowledge of the new aluminum motors as they are showing up everywhere and are legal in CA.


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