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It is now 5:00 pm and I am just sitting down for the first time.  I was bound and determined to find out about the hot start problem on Ruby.  I had talked to everyone about every different theory but one stuck in my mind that I wanted to try first.  The long (8′) 4 gauge cable really was only capable of handling 70 amps and the starter can draw 100-125 easily so I decided to replace all of the cables and start over with 1/0 gauge from back to front including the ground.  I discussed the challenge again at Toppers with the staff and they thought it was the best place to start when replacing components.  I only have a couple of days to accomplish the task and today was the day to stay focused.

I jacked the car up in the driveway early in the day when the HOA are at work and undid all the cable after disconnecting the battery.  Never work on the system when it is hot.  I had a very bad experience in my twenties where I touched the starter with a wrench, the car was in gear and it took off running over my leg and lower back.  I will never forget that lesson.  The cable was very nicely installed with 7,000 tie wraps and various clamps all needed to be removed while laying on my back…I need a lift in my backyard.  The cable from the starter to the cut out switch was badly burnt at the solenoid and the starter was very hot to touch while the exhaust pipes were only warm.  My theory is the damaged cable caused some serious resistance and caused the high temperatures while trying to start the car after it became hot.  I hope to have the new cable installed tomorrow and I will let you know the next step in the process which is replacing the starter.  Fred said the only good gear reduction starter is the GM one so that is what I will purchase it the new cables don’t work.

Just a reminder that this weekend is the Wavecrest Woody show on Saturday and the Outriders Picnic on Sunday.  The Throttlers show is also on Sunday in Johnny Carson Park.  This should be a great weekend for traditional car lovers.

Stay Tooned!


Bob Lopez purchased this 28 RPU in 1958 for $100 and it became a show dog in the LA area.  You can see lots of history cars at the Throttlers show.

Jake sometimes makes the long drive in his squeaky clean panel truck which he has owned for years.

Here is the real deal Deuce hiboy that is seen everywhere in the LA area.  Why would you ever want to change this one?  I drool every time I see the car.

The drive is about 2 hours from my house but the scenery at Wavecrest is well worth the drive.  Just think over 200 Woodies in one crowded location.

The Outriders Picnic always has some real traditional cars for us die hards.

They don’t have to be fancy to have fun.  The owner just finished the chop and drove it to JCP in Burbank for all to admire.

Bob O loved this one withe 6-2’s and lots of clear fuel line.

I liked this 34 roadster with only two carbs and copper fuel lines and water tubes.

The Outriders Picnic has lots of high quality cars in attendance and the venue is all grass with one baseball diamond.

Todays Fat Convertible…Dreaming!

Bob has owned more cars than all of us put together but always seems to hang on to the good ones like this nice 46 convert of Toms.

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