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The holiday is over and it is now time to get started on those fall projects.  The weather is very hot in LA and the heat tends to slow everyone down just a little.  I picked up some new parts for Ruby at NAPA and plan to install them this afternoon weather permitting.  I fully charged the battery on Ruby to determine if the battery could be causing the starter drag and that didn’t help the situation but at least eliminated one possible source of the problem.  I seem to think the starter may be the problem, but I will install the new ground strap to see if it helps the problem. Trial and error is the only way I know how to solve electrical problems.

I did not receive any photos of the weekend events and in talking to those who attended the shows they seemed to be well attended by both spectators and participants.  The fall brings out some more great events and I am sure to have some new photos as I will attend most of those shows.

I talked to Dave in Australia and he still has not received his 40 coupe but is expecting it by mid month.  Good things sometimes take a long time to arrive.  I sure hope likes the coupe and it meets his expectations.

Stay Tooned!


For those of you with deep pockets this all aluminum flathead motor would look nice in your new hiboy coupe or roadster.  I really like the pan on these motors.  I am guessing the engine complete would run around $25K but I may be low.

The front of the motor is really nice with aluminum waters pumps.

Here is the installation photo of the assembly in a 34 coupe.  Note the electronic ignition.

I am sure this will surprise many spectators when the owner opens his hood.  I wonder what the HP is on this engine?  Thanks Tom for the photos.

Frank stopped by Toppers today and drove his new Deuce 5 window coupe.  He can sure locate the 5 windows for sale.  The car is over 20 years old and has a nice Deuce Factory chassis with a built SBC.  He only needs to detail the car to make it a very nice ride.

Frank is going to install the bumpers, some stock headlights and just enjoy the car as is.  The DF chassis go down the highway very nicely.

The car has a very nice interior with the 80’s Chevy van column.  Frank will change to a 40 column and wheel.

Bitchin Products supplied the cast firewall sometime in the 80’s.  We used to use plywood with aluminum sheet screwed to the outside.  Now only a stock firewall will do for the purist.

I am installing a Edelbrock heat sink gasket under the carb to help reduce “percolation” of the fuel.  Ruby does not like the hot weather.

Today’s 5 window coupe….dreaming!

Now this builder got it right.  Model 40 5 windows rank right up there on my list.

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