Toppers Tuesday

The “Lunch Bunch” went back to Toppers today instead of the Junkyard.  I guess the Pizza joint is just plain right for us old hot rodders.  You can have what you want to eat when you want it or just sit and shoot the bull.  I arrived late and the crowd was well on their way to making short work of the pizza.  I talked about my hot start and noise problem which I have solved as of 4:00 pm today.  The cable connecting the drop down battery box had come loose and was not getting a good connection when hot.  While I was under the car, I turned the wheels and watched the rear u-joint move around.  Yes, the second U-joint has failed in less than 2000 miles.  I did not repair either item as I had the car jacked up in my driveway for the neighbors to watch my every move.  I will take to Bob O’s and put it on the rack tomorrow.  I don’t know why the joint failed but I hope this time it lasts a long time.  They are not hard to change but laying on your back on the side of the road is not for me.  I was always good at problem solving in my job so I am happy to be working again.

Allen called and said he had a set of rams horns for Andre so I ventured over to his shop and picked them up.  I like the looks of the rams horns over the headers on and early style build.  I will smooth them out and paint them black.  If you have never ground down a set of rams horns you are missing something….sore arms and hands.  Building a car is for those of us who really enjoy the build more than the completion.  Although I am ready to see something run that I have worked on for so long…..back to the garage.

Stay Tooned!


When I arrived at Conejo Upholstery Allen has his cherry 37 slant back parked under the cover.  He told me this is a keeper.

Allen painted it John Deere Blitz Black and rubbed it out.  The paint still looks good after 7 years.

Allen left the stock seats intact and did them in a red vinyl which looks super with the Blitz Black exterior.

He left the flat motor and dressed it up with aluminum heads and dual 97’s.  Cute motor and surprising for Allen.

I picked up this nicely restored 40 standard panel for Andre while in Santa Barbara at Chris’s house.  The glass was broken and the face plate needs re-stenciled all easy to do items.  Andre likes the standard panel better than the correct deluxe panel.

These are the xxx038 manifolds from the 60’s.  Both are in nice shape but need to be smoothed out and painted.  The units are very clean inside.

This photo shows the problem with the battery cable, starter, exhaust manifold and header pipe all gathered together in a very hot spot.  I will replace the cable with a 0 size, install a ground strap from the starter to the chassis and wrap the header pipe to see it things can cool down a little in this area.

I have the same set up in Lucy and the header pipe is real close to the starter.  This is a common problem on SBC’s.

The Sanderson block headers are more compact and provide more room for the starter cable.  You can see why the 90 degree connection on the cable would be beneficial in the above photo of Ruby’s crowded engine compartment.

Tom sent along some photos of Dave’s Picnic and this three window with a hemi was truly amazing.

I show you this one to compare the styles.  Bob O likes the white firewalls (checker board to be more specific), red wheels and engine accessories.  Note the Mustang steering box.

Today’s low 34 roadster….dreaming!

Note the classic look of the roadster and the smiling front fenders sitting in the weeks.

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