Topper’s Tuesday

I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend and at least drove the hot rod a day or two.  The wife and I headed to Chuy’s on Saturday night to see what was going on. They had a good turn out for the first one of the year.  The event will be held the fourth Saturday of each month through the rest of the season.  The Indy 500, Nascar and the French Open all provided more TV that should be allowed but I managed to do very little other than watch the events.  The finish of the Indy 500 was really exciting and I am sure very disappointing for the National Guard and the Rookie JR Hildebrand who hit the wall and came in second…. not bad for a Rookie!  Earnhardt had a chance finally and he too didn’t win.  Sometimes winning isn’t the only thing, but in racing, we only seem to remember the winner.  Danica came in tenth and I will remember her for leading the pack for a short time.  I wonder why?

As we approach the summer months, I look forward to attending car events such as the LARS and the Forty Ford show, both of which make my summer every year one to remember.  If any of you are coming to the LARS I hope to be there on Saturday health permitting.  I will keep you posted as we near the big date.  In the meantime, I will dig up some photos of roadsters from previous years.

Stay Tooned!


You don’t see many 34 five windows but this red beauty was new to me.  The car had a nice stance and well detailed engine compartment.

For you 3 window fans this all white 34 was also a new one for me.  Wire wheels are coming back but I think this one has been around since the 80’s.

I am partial to Deuce sedans and roadsters and this father and son team had a very high end example of each.  I believe Roy at West Coast Street Rods built the sedan and both cars featured Mangus interiors that were outstanding.

I took several photos of the sedan and will show some more later on in the week.  This week I love fenders on the sedans.

Tim’s Forty Ford factory is turning out some of the best built forties around.  This CMG woody is almost done except for adding the bumpers.  A forty woody is tops in my book.  Don’t tell Ruby or she will get jealous.

You can’t beat the stock looking dash which is full of Tim’s hidden features.  The Doc has a sedan delivery that is waiting for Tim’s touch.

Jim another prolific 40 builder sent in his modifications to the 40 dash.  The grille folds down allowing access to the radio and A/C controls.  He too installed the XM radio head in the glove box.  You can still have a small glovebox with A/C which is a good idea.

The back side is very clean and fits the opening perfectly.

Jim even sent in some photos of the parts he uses for the conversion.  Thanks Jim for sharing your idea.

Here is the finished product which looks fantastic.  Note A/C routing of hoses on the passenger side cowl panel.

Today’s Deuce sedan body….dreaming!

Maybe one like this will show up at the LARS this year.  The body looks primo in the picture and include stock frame.  Brizio is building this one for one of his customers.

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