Toppers Tuesday

I visited my good friend Bob this morning.  He just had his neck operation two weeks ago and wanted to go to the “Office” and see the gang.  He is doing well and hopefully will regain all of his normal functions real soon.  He cannot drive so I picked him up and  drove him back and forth.  Sometimes a friend just needs another friend to help them when in need.  Car people are the best when it comes to helping each other out.  Bob has picked me up many times in the past and driven me around so I felt good that I could repay the favor.  He has not seen his roadster project in a couple of weeks so tonight he is going over for a visit to his baby.

We all have challenges during our life time and once we go through the procedure to meet the challenge we seem to be O.K.  Yesterday, Bob O called and has a challenge that won’t seem to go away.  The 12 volt conversion on his 40 coupe has developed into a dilemma that he or the gang can’t seem to solve.  This morning was really a site for you to see.  There were several tables of our gang going over service manuals on generators and regulators to see if they could solve the non-charging system in the forty.  We finally came to the conclusion it must be a faulty regulator or an improperly polarized  one that has burnt out the points.  I will let you know the solution when we have one.  If you work on these older charging systems it is helpful to have the correct service manual for the era.  I have not used a generator on a car in the last 30 years so I had to look up the diagrams and see how the testing should be handled.  Flatheads are popular and so simple to work on, but sometimes can be a challenge that takes a day or two to overcome.  I like to keep my mind busy and the 40 is doing just that.

Stay Tooned!


This 56 SW has a Paul Newman chassis and really handles on the highway.  Frantic has one that he built for Lu and she drives the wheels off of the car.  This body style is one of my favorites.

It is nice to see a couple of forties stopped in front of the beautiful home on the hilltop.  I am a big sucker for a black plate car.  My coupe had black plates that the new owner turned into the DMV.

There is nothing like having a cackle fest while your friends are visiting you.  Ear plugs are optional.

The last stop was at Neal’s place where lunch was served.  The RPU in the driveway is Neal’s.

Inside the garage was some real interesting “Stuff” you might like to have in your garage.

A flathead with fresh machine work looks like it would fit good in a roadster project.  Chrome water pumps were the thing in my day but they always leaked.

How about a Deuce 4-door tucked away in the corner?  The motor looks ready to go in this one.  Note tube shocks on the front.

I love the color on this 41 pickup as well as the orange wheels.  Why are 40/41 pickups so popular?  You have to be small to fit in these cabs but I sure love the looks of this one.

Steve also attended the Vintage trailer show in Pismo.  The Woody really looked great pulling the Airstream down the Coast highway.

I don’t know the brand but what a beautiful restored trailer.  Ruby would fall in love with this one.

Yes, hot rodders love Vintage trailers too.  These guys were having fun and enjoying the moment.  Nice convertible sedan!

Today’s 40 Convertible….it could be yours!

A fully equipped 1940 Ford convertible has come on the market and judging by the photos I received it is a primo ride.

Here is another photo with the top down (my favorite) showing the classic body style of the forty Ford.  I have lots of photos if you are interested in the car let me know and I will connect you to the owner.  Please be advised that cars of this caliber are not inexpensive to purchase.

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