Topper’s Tuesday

Another rainy day in Southern California. We need the rain so I can’t complain. Lunch was good today, all the boys were in the Christmas spirit and cars were the topic of the hour. The cost of crate engines became important to me as I need an engine or two for my projects.  I never purchase one until I am ready to get it on the road.  I always figured that having an engine set for two years was not a good thing. The problem is the cost keeps going up the longer your wait.  The consensus was that the Chevy 290 HP was the way to go.  Add about a $1000 to the purchase price and you will be ready to drive.  What happened to the $500 junkyard motor we used to run? You can put $10,000 in a motor and transmission very easily. Now you add the $10,000 chassis with all the chrome and you can see where you are a headed….a $100,000 hot rod.  Nope, not for me.  Keep it basic, keep it simple, scrounge the parts, and don’t be afraid of used parts.  Keep in mind if you drive 3,000 miles a year you will be above the average.

Lets look at some simple rods that are cool to drive and would not break the bank.


Stay Tooned !


Model A sedan hiboy. Body $2,000, including frame. Scrounge the rest.


For a little more money a Brookville 32 old style, Maximum $25,000


Too much, try a Model A pickup for about $15,000.


Cheap 40 coupe on ebay. Prime, junkyard parts, enjoy for under $15,000

Sneak Peek


Really, a low budget car at the time it was built. Sold and went to Japan.

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