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I saw this morning that Apple was the most recognizable brand in the world.  I switched to the I family about two years ago and have learned to love the product and the support available.  No spam period.  My wife is ready for a new computer and I am sure she will switch to the Mac when the time comes.  In the hot rod world Roy Brizio is the strong brand and is associated with building quality cars that can be driven down the road without much worry for the driver.  If you drive a hot rod any distance you want to be assured you are not plagued with mechanical problems while on the highway.  I have never had a breakdown in any of my cars other than the flatheads not starting immediately.  All you had to do was wait 30 minutes and they would start.  If in a hurry, you can have your wife help you push and pop the clutch. Remember those days?

Our conversation today was about all the events that are going on this weekend. Most of our gang are going to the Santa Barbara show if it is not raining.  We also looked at Bob O’s Ipod to see what was causing the static in his system.  The problem seemed to be in the ignition system and the wiring bundles under the dash.  I suspected the ignition wires as I had trouble in my younger days if I didn’t use Packard 440 wires.  I wonder if they still make those?  Bob will report tomorrow on his success with our diagnosis.  Our resident electrical engineer solves most of our electrical problems.  Net working is wonderful.

I have more photos from the Brizio Shop Party to share with you today and the rest of the week.

Stay Tooned!


I love looking at Roy’s chassis work.  Here is a pinched Deuce frame showing his standard set up.  Note how the front crossmember has been cut and raised up about and inch.

Another trick item is this hinged rear window glass.  The slides are similar to the front windshield slides.  The window flap does not fold up like a stocker.  This is on a Bob Top.

Regardless of the condition of the floor Roy always makes a new floor and widens the wheel wells for larger tires.  This is a Deuce Vicky that was in his shop.

John’s 27 will be at the GNRS next year and it will be a show stopper.  The profile and components are all in place and the work has begun.

The rare Kinmonts will be used on all four corners.  I think John has several sets in his collection.

My favorite, the V8 Halibrand, has been installed and the inner flooring structure is in process.

The Moal chassis is a work of art.  Note torsion bars and power steering unit.  The engine is an LS3 from GM.

A stunning example of a beautiful 34 Ford phaeton was on hand for our viewing while having lunch.  The interior and top on this car were perfectly executed by Sid Shavers.

Eric Clapton had a couple of cars in Roy’s shop.  This is a complete reproduction Chevy pickup that was painted a light shade of green with a tan interior.

Roy can build any make into an outstanding example for its owner.  This Chevy with the all black exterior and wheels looked wicked.

I only saw one Deuce roadster under construction and this was it.  Roy added Moal suspension components to his chassis and is changing the body to meet the customers request.  I think this one will be a show stopper next year at the GNRS.

Roy built the wishbones with the spacing for the tie rod and drag link.  The car is super low and could not have the deep dropped steering arms.  The Moal torsion system can be seen installed in the Brizio chassis.

The Ford Thunderbird engine is a nice change from the SBC or Roush engines normally seen in Roy’s cars.

Today’s Sedan Hiboy….dreaming!

This is the sedan that Roy is building and it was out for a black paint job and final detailing.  I am still a big fan of Deuce sedan hiboys.  The hood has been extended two inches and the front axle is mounted in the suicide position.  I can’t wait to see this one finished.  See Roy’s website for more photos.

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