Toppers Tuesday

Well, the Habit didn’t work out so today we went back to Toppers for the weekly board meeting.  Sometimes change doesn’t always mean better and several folks didn’t like all the noise while sitting in the Habit.  The food is good, but the BS is easier at Toppers.

I was up early to head to the Valley to have breakfast with Chip and the Corvette group.  They also meet on Tuesday’s but do breakfast rather than lunch.  Traffic was terrible but I finally arrived at Flookys which is their meeting place.  Several folks drove their rides and we had a great morning talking about cars.  I needed to leave and get back for Toppers and the review of Bakersfield.  Some days you have so many meetings you don’t accomplish anything.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?  When working I would attend meetings all day and work at night.  Now I take a nap at night.

Gary sent in some photos of the Hangar Party in Northern California which has been going on for 16 years.  Like the Outriders Picnic you see cars here you normally don’t see during the year.  Thanks Gary.

I am late leaving for Toppers so I will make it short today.

Stay Tooned!


I went to the Corvette breakfast meeting today so this is my selection for Chip.  The black beauty is a 409 sleeper and was detailed to the max.  Chip has a 409 convertible that is scheduled for a full restoration in the near future.  Hurry up Chip.

Can you remember going to the new car Chevrolet dealer and opening up the hood on the showroom floor?  This was the car to own in 62.

It is nice to see a full fendered Deuce once in a while.  That is the late Joe Mayall’s 33 parked next to the Deuce.  Have you noticed how popular black steels wheels are?

A very clean black 40 coupe with Mercury wheels and caps is all you need to go to the dance in B’field.  Dick found a 40 covert he is looking at.  He has one and needs another with flames.   Some guys have all the luck.  (Rod Stewart)

A CMG coupe always excites Steve and I.  This one was perfect with dressed flathead and stock appointments.  I think Steve pulled out the wallet and was very tempted on this one.

If Andy Brizio had a 40 coupe this could be the one.  Purple coupes were common in my day and this one sits perfect.  I would have had chrome wheels and black walls.

Another favorite of Steve is the 1956 Ford big back window pickup.  Note gas filler door in the rear fender.

The late Barry Lobeck built this one and it changed hands again in B’field.  He had the touch that many people tried to copy.

An early morning “Office” photo showing Bob and Ron discussing the finer points of the two build styles.  The smooth 80’s look compared to the high school hot rod look. Both cars were built at home in the garage including the chopped tops.

Today’s 39 convert…..dreaming!

Canepa has some of the best rides for sale in his dealership and this one really caught my eye.  Perfect stance and profile to die for.  You might not like the IFS but you can’t see it and if you look you will throw out your back.  Enjoy the convertible as presented.

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  3. Lynn, thanks for including the picture of the Lobeck Cabriolet today. I never can get enough of this car. In my eyes, it is one of his best. JIM

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