Toppers Tuesday

I forgot to publish yesterday’s post and I heard about it at Toppers today.  Sometimes, when editing, I forget to hit the publish button and I was concentrating on keeping the pool from overflowing into my house instead of my blog.  I will do a double duty today.  We had a very nice sunny day today and three of us drove hot rods.  Bob O has his new 12 volt system to show off and Dick had his new upholstery to show us.  Nice turn out today and the group were off to look at a Hollywood Graham that Big Joe has for sale.  I decided to come home and see what I forgot to do yesterday.  I need to work in the garage today as it is supposed to start raining later today and continue through the week.

I did find the Centec Panel at SO-CAL but I think I will go with a Painless kit this time to see if it is really “Painless”.  Speedway has the best deal on the 12 circuit unit that I can locate.  They ship products on the same day you order so I should have it by Friday just in time for the weekend rain.

Walt wanted to know if I was going to the Huntington Beach Cruiser show on saturday and I told him I would meet him there.  I always enjoy this show on main street in the surfing capital of the world.  It might be a little chilly but that it why they make jackets.  Jane loves all the little shops and wonderful eating establishments located in this beach city.  Maybe she will save me some more money by finding a bargain or two.

In order to save some time today I will leave you now and let you enjoy the photos.

Stay Tooned!


Frank doesn’t let any grass grow under his projects.  This recent acquisition is now a beautiful black traditional hiboy that he has always liked.  Looks good Frank.

My first SD was a 1934 Ford like this one.  Jim Defrank also owned one this color in the 80’s.  I don’t know what happened to his.  He also owned a 41 black SD in the 70’s.  I called mine Nellie and drove it to work for several years after coming out of the Army in 1968.  GM let me park her inside during the winter months.

This little 5 window sold in a few days for $20K and looks to be really solid except for previous channel job.  This has to be a good deal considering what a new repo body is going to cost from Pacific.  Maybe a slight haircut (2 inches) and ditch the fenders.  I like it.

My old “Sunshine” sedan delivery made it to GG’s for the Lone Star Nationals in TX.  She was always a great road car with the Heidts front end and the CE parallel leaf 9 inch rear end.  I should have kept this one.

My son and daughter were caught in Tahoe at their condo.  This is in front of their place after shoveling snow for a couple of hours.  Oh to be young again.

One of my regular viewers is building a very nice ride for himself.  He thinks at the rate he is going he will need someone to drive it for him.  I sure know the feeling Larry.  I love the look so far…keep pushing.

Converting a 40 from 6 to 12 volts is not hard if you can lay down under the dash like Bob does.  His wife made him a pillow to keep his neck from getting stiff.  I have to have my wife do the wiring or call 911.

Bob O’s super 40 coupe, Walt’s Ruby and Dick’s 40 convert made the lot look good today.  We have lots of spectators on nice days.

Ruby was really happy today having these tow handsome 40’s protecting her super wood and paint.  Sometimes we can fill this whole back lot with hot rods.  Come join us on Tuesday and drive your hot rod.  This is a very congenial group and everyone is welcome.  Today we had the model airplane club in attendance.  Come fly with us!

Today’s 1936 Ford Roadster….dreaming!

I love chopped tops on 36 roadsters.  Gary needs this one for Sharon for sure.  If you see one of these on the highway you will slow down for a closer look.

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