Toppers Tuesday

I had a call last night to go over and shoot some photos of Bob’s new model A roadster project.  He has finally, after two years of hard work, putting the body back on the chassis.  I fell asleep and missed the event.  I wanted to capture the mounting process but had to settle for the result this morning.  The car looks good and has now inspired Bob to finish it ASAP.  I know all of us still need the “Adjustment Bureau” to come and help us along once in a while.  It sure is easy to get side tracked or even discouraged on long term projects.

Prior to going to Bob’s I went in the garage to look at Lucy again and I was truly surprised that my wife, who went to the “Adjustment Bureau” with me, had made a sign and put in on Lucy’s top irons.  Boy was I surprised at what the sign stated and I went in and gave her a big hug.  She has always has a way of getting me back on track.  She has always loved the look of a model 40 roadster so I guess she will have her way.

I finally arrived at Toppers after stopping by the “Office” and the crew was in the process of taking on the Pizza which is so good.  The talk centered on a trip to the Roundup in TX which is about 1400 miles from our little town.  I soon found myself out of the conversation as I could not ride that far in a hot rod, unless is was Ruby.  Dave was trying to solve his cooling problem in his tub but wasn’t having any luck.  I hope he solves the problem prior to the trip.  He has a new engine, radiator, electric fan and water pump and still the old girl heats up while at the stop light or heavy traffic.  Hot Rods can be stubborn sometimes, just like us.

My new Speedway catalog just arrived so…

Stay Tooned!


Bob has been working on this project for a couple of years after selling his buggy spring 29 hiboy.  This full fendered version has a full independent suspension front and rear and should ride superb.  The black paint is dusty form the buffing but when cleaned it is beautiful and a mile deep.  Single stage PPG Concept 9300, sanded and rubbed.

Still dusty you can still see how deep the paint is.  On a Model A, the running board fender aprons must be attached prior to mounting the body.  This is why you see so many old hiboys with these still installed as you have to remove the body to remove the aprons.

The entire body was powder coated prior to being painted which meets the interior is completed and rust proof.  The exterior was sanded with 150 and smoothed with a skim coat of bondo prior to painting.  The result is a very straight body for a Brookville.

Bob states he will never have louvers installed again.  The amount of work and dollars on the deck lid would purchase a new body.  Each louver was taped and sprayed then buffed with the small wheel shown.  The deck lid has a skin bonded to the original Brookville lid.  There are over 100 hours in the deck lid and hood so far.

Everyone should have a 40 coupe in process, it just makes good conversation when having a cold one.  This is my old coupe waiting his turn.

George should get his coupe looking like this one after he finishes his Sedan delivery and Vicky.

Frank received some photos of his 5 window he sold to the folks in Finland.  I love the sinister coupe sitting in the snowy background.  Brian has the same weather in Tahoe.  I love LA!

Next to black I love Maroon hiboy roadsters.  Sid has the top with the look but I prefer the stock irons and wood bows.

A local car that really looks like a solid coupe body from this side.  Parts could be found and you could make yourself a nice coupe unless….

The passenger side looked like this.  I know a body man that could fix this but you just as well purchase a good one.  What a shame.  Bob Drake could sell you some panels and with a little patience you would be looking good.

Today’s Surprise….my wife is the best!

After 48 years she still knows how to get me back on track on my projects.  This is as good as it gets!

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