Toppers Tuesday

I had an early breakfast with Bob this morning and we discussed the merits of hiring help to finish our projects.  It seems that he has been doing this for many years due to his aging and finds it takes much longer than when you could do it yourself.  We came to the conclusion when a fellow shows up after work to work on your car he is tired from the day job and while he gives you your monies worth, it takes much longer for him to get motivated.  Our intelligence kicked in and we decided that you need to hire a younger gear-head that is laid off or looking for a place to hang his hat for a while.  I know there must be some of these folks available that have the knowledge to do what we need to have done.  The final outcome of our meeting was we need to post some help wanted ads at some local trade schools and see if we can locate some talent.  Bob and I are not able to pay the $85 per hour rate charged by most shops in the area so maybe this is the answer.

It has been too cold to work on Lucy so I have been busy cleaning up the garage and getting organized.  For me, this is a full time job.  My wife is an excellent assistant only she thinks we should throw away a lot of my possessions (junk) in the garage.  I am making list for the LARS Swap this year and Bob wants to add some of his junk.  After I turned 70, I made a deal with the wife that I would not purchase any more stuff I may need in the future.  The future is now for me.  If I do really find something I can store it at Bob’s.  Sounds good to me.

I hope to have some pictures of the broken coil over shock and some probable causes by tomorrow.  I really am curious how this happened and more importantly, how it could be prevented or diagnosed ahead of time.

I am off to Toppers for lunch….

Stay Tooned!


Some early arrivals at CCC show the various models that go on runs today.  The 50 model Fords and Chevrolets really make great cruisers and provide something different to look at.  The blue 56 was a gorgeous car and really fit in with the group.  This photo could have been taken in 1958 on Woodward avenue in Detroit.  The primered 40 coupe behind the razor wire is even appropriate for the era.

I did not start the run at Richards but now that I see the cars he has in his shop I am going to schedule a trip there and buy Walt lunch.  The 33 sedan hiboy is my style of car.  Note Deuce hood hooks and handle on the 33 hood.  The bias tire thing is here too stay.  Richard Lacey would love this one.  Photo from Bad Boy via the HAMB.

Take a close look at these KONG heads and the water tubing.  I had never seen this before and presume the flathead will run cooler now…Naw!

Yes, I know it is stock and I love the look with the hot flathead motor.

Nice 34 Cabriolet in Frantics for some work.  These cars are my wife’s favorite hot rod.

I receive all kinds of photos of cars for sale.  This 40 convert is ready for paint with no rust ever CA sheet metal.  I would need to remove the front suspension or maybe do a new chassis but the car is really nice.

It seems everyone has a forty coupe except Steve.  His day is near and I hope he finds one as nice as this one.  Note Mercury wheels and caps.

Maybe this period perfect Nailhead would be more his style.  Note generator and dual truck master cylinder common in the 60’s.

Here is a 46 convert sitting at the LARS last year that had a fantastic paint job and interior.  Add WW’s, steel wheels and you have the look.

This low mileage stocker is for sale for $35K and would make some V8’r a happy camper.  I would add a dropped axle, Lincoln brakes and later flatty to make it a good driver.  If you have any interest let me know.

Here is the front end I installed on my first Lucy convert.  I used the stock shocks with a Magnum dropped axle and disc brake kit.  The whole process took less than a month to complete and I did not cut anything.  I would change the steering next time to a 525 box.  The front sheet metal unbolts as a unit and is not difficult to re-install with the assistance of your wife.

Weedeater has this SD on epay and I want you to look at the right tail light bracket.  Oregon is one of the States that required two tail lights.  Wescott makes these brackets but they are super hard to come by.  I have a pair for Andre stored away.  If I didn’t have one I would be looking at this one.

Henry has stopped by the Old Stillwater Garage to see if he they had any Deuce parts for sale.  This is the one for me.

Yesterday’s FI unit…….$$$$

Lou has the look of the early hot rod with a 63-65 Corvette FI unit installed in his 5 window.  I love this look.

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