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We have a break in the weather for a few days and I hope the sun stays with us until this weekend.  The Early Times Mid-Winter rod run is sunday and I don’t want to miss it.  Dick has his 40 convert ready to go with a new front seat that is really nice for us old guys.  Albert redid the seat in leather with a firmer foam and it is really comfortable for my body.  A seat runs about $1100 in leather which is not too expensive.  You can purchase leather hides for about $500 which makes the labor about the same cost.  I think I will have one done for Andre and have him put in the firm foam and a nice lumbar rear cushion support.  I have sat in some seats that were like rocks with no give and I did not care for the feel.  You need to have your upholster let you test the seat prior to having it covered to make sure it is comfortable to you body.  If you use a Glide seat you can tilt the seat back and forth to make it conform to your body which is a nice feature.  If your seat is not comfortable to you on long drives the car will sit in the garage most of the time.  A long distance to me is 100 miles or so.  We can reach most events in a 100 mile radius of where I live.  LA is a large city with over 17 million people in the greater LA area and you can attend a car event every weekend if you desire.

Toppers is today and I am running late so I will stop now and head over for some pizza and BS.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a nice looking interior in a convert.  A little modern but real comfy looking is this stock seat in a 39 convert.  Seat belts are a required item in any hot rod.

Steve likes the Eddie Martinez look and had his 40 pickup done in the narrow pleats.

Perfection is the word I use to describe this 40 sedan interior.  Bucket seats were standard and deluxe dash insert in a standard dash was correct for the year in sedan deliveries.

A pair of Glide bucket seats were used in Henry’s beautiful sedan hiboy.  I have sat in this style seat and they are very comfortable and recline for your correct seating.

Here is little 3 window with stock seating and lots of pleats.  If the correct foam density is used these seats are comfy and look correct in my mind.

A nice daily driver to go along with the above 3 window would make a perfect pair in your garage.  This is all you need to be cool in today’s events.

Dick did not do R&P but it came out real nice.  This is a stock seat set up that has been rebuilt.  A convertible seat is a little narrower at the top than a coupe or sedan.  They also don’t have rear footrest as there is no room for your feet.

Gary had his seat pulled real tight and is very firm to the touch.  The seat is a special constructed one by Ace High upholstery.

If you want that old look here is a good example of the pleated everything style.  We used to add white pleats in the wheelwells on show day.

The wife likes this style but for me it is too modern looking.  The seat is a Glide upholstered by Gabe and is real cozy to sit in.

Today’s driveway photo….Homeowners love this activity.

I don’t know why I like buying cars in a basket but here is my last adventure with a 48 convert.  I have a sickness that never goes away.  Mint sheet metal really is what gets me going.

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