Toppers Tuesday

I woke up to the sound of rain and thought I just as well stay in bed for another hour, but decided to get up and head to the “Office” as I don’t have many sick days left.  Today is bowling day so the boardroom was full and I took a seat in one of the booths.  Bob O was late also and joined me in the booth.  We soon were discussing some recent purchases of 1940 Ford coupes that some of our friends had obtained.  I have found several as part of my field duties for “Marginal Motors” and Bob acquired one yesterday.  Richard also went to Reno and picked up a very nice black example of the much sought after coupe.  The secret to purchasing a nice coupe for a reasonable price is to purchase from a private owner that is in the market for a new ride and has owned the car for a long time.  Recent builds tend to be pricey as the cost of goods and services is quite high today.  You may want to change a few things to make it your car, but if you buy it right you can make changes while you are enjoying the ride.  I know my friend Steve is looking for a nice standard coupe and sooner or later will find his dream.  Forty coupes are not difficult to find in the LA area and you can pretty much find a car you would like for under $40K.  If you want a builder, the prices are really reasonable for an entry level car.  If you can live with a solid car in primer with no frills or interior $15K will get you a running driving 40 coupe.  You have to search the net for the deals (Craigslist) but they are out there….keep looking.

The rain has caused me to postpone moving Andre to the back garage for at least the rest of this week.  The weatherman is predicting rain all week with heavy downpours on Friday.  Bob O and I will head out to see some garages this week and I will take some photos.  I am still having a great deal of fun in this hobby of mine and God willing, will continue to do so for a while longer.

Stay Tooned!


Marginal Motors VP, Bob, is looking at the build book the owner has kept on his pride and joy.  This cutie is Garnet Red with a 350/350, dropped axle and a 9 inch.

The trunk is also upholstered and the tires are new Cokers.  I like the WW’s on 40 coupes as they add a nice contrast to the maroon paint.  Note old time antenna added to the cowl.  I have filled many of these holes in the past.  Andre had the same holes.

The dash and steering column reflect the owner’s taste.  The Limeworks is the supplier of items for the coupe.  All could be put back to stock if desired.

Ruby has a beautiful modified dash that includes a Vintage Air unit, CD player, tilt column with a Juliano Banjo steering wheel and VDO gauges.  She is very comfortable on the long trips and has all the amenities you could ever want.  Workmanship by Jim Meyers is outstanding.

While this is a little hi-tech for me the seats look very comfortable and the passenger seat folds forward which is required in a sedan or delivery.

The seat in this position allows passengers to enter the spacious rear seat compartment.  Nice job.

In the early 80’s Jack had a very fast Fatso on the drag strip.  I saw this car run many times including the wreck at the end.  He started a chopped top 46 sedan delivery to replace the coupe but never finished it.  I think he still has the car.  He knows “FAT”.

I know some folks don’t care for a sedan hiboy due to the gas tank on the rear.  You could put this in my garage anytime and I would love it.  Nice chopped back window.

A five window is this form is a beautiful example of what I love about Deuce 5 windows.  Perfect chop, louvered top panels and cream wheels.  Add a F100 steering box, a red interior and you have a mind blower.  Lets see, sell the house, buy a double wide and drive a Deuce.  Sounds good to me.

Today’s 33 roadster….I am going to miss Lucy!

I have seen this one and it would be a keeper in my mind.  The top profile is looking good along with the white firewall.  Kirk has the best.

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