Topper’s Tuesday

I purchased a new frame for the 48 convert today. Real nice shape and will make a good solid foundation for my highway cruiser. I have always built resto-rods and this one will be no exception. I do plan to update the suspension to a MII and utilize power steering to help me drive in my old age. Frantic said I don’t need a 700R4 as the 350 is still the way to go in these old cars. I like the deep low in the 700R4, so I may still use one. The frame modifications will be made to use either one. That is what a Hot Rod is for….changes. I will keep working on the frame under the car and sell it next Father’s Day. You always need some stuff to sell at the Roadster Show.

Topper’s was great today, new football pool, Thursday’s big game between Dallas and Green Bay and how much is a 33 fiberglass tudor worth. It seems that the car market is real soft right now and yet I am trying to sell a $125,000 AMBR car. I have had a lot of action on this car from all over the world. I guess “Americans Most Beautiful Roadster” past winners are collector’s items and someone will pay the price. We will see.

Meanwhile here are some car photos to make your day.

Stay Tooned!



AMBR 1984 Don Varner/Ron Covell collaboration currently on Ebay. Could be yours!


I couldn’t pass on this picture. What a better combination a Deuce Hiboy and a QC. Bobo look!


Here is my progress on reinstalling the Mll on the convert. Fat Man’s Mll needs inner frame bracing in my mind.


Smith’s 32 tudor, flathead powered, Winters QC, super detailed hiboy. He was at the Petersen this year. I like this one a lot.


Tim’s 40 Rag. When it gets right down to the short hairs, this is the car to own if you can afford one.

Sneak Peek


Larks 33, Rod and Custom cover car. My second inspiration after Mumford’s 34. SBC, 5 speed, QC been everywhere, including a wreck on the way to Canada.

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