Topper’s Tuesday

I spent yesterday working on the water cooler for my TIG welder.  I went to the Welding store and priced a new Coolmate ($700) and decided I would repair mine which is not too bad.  I cleaned the case, installed new hoses, a new site glass and put the unit back together.  I need to make a new motor plate out of stainless or aluminum prior to putting the unit in service.  I hope to go over to IMS yet today and purchase the material.

I have too many photos of the GNRS to publish but I will feature some more throughout the week for viewing.  I get carried away taking pictures and I spend hours putting them in files so I can reference certain cars in the future.  My wife asked why I do this and my reply is I love photos of hot rods and rather than have books full of photos I now have a computer file (Picasa and iphoto) to house my pictures.  I have over 40,000 photos from many years of taking photos of cars.  I treasure all of them and especially the ones I receive from my viewers.  Thanks.

I need to head to Toppers and see what is going on this week.

Stay Tooned!


Dave’s RPU was standing tall in the Suede Palace and he picked up an award for his efforts.  The car is very well thought out with unique colors and overall theme.  He has a 38 Woody just as nice with the same unique style and execution.  Good job Dave!

Keith at Rex Rods built these two 33 Fords and I spent a long time looking at his work.  I loved the colors and overall design of the cars.  He deserves to be recognized as a real talent in the fabrication arena and the completion of cars of this caliber.

Woodgraining seems to be popular again.  Keith had this 33 roadster dash done in a nice burl finish.  I don’t know if he used Juliano’s kit or had it done locally.  I like it.

Nor Cal metal shaper had his nice RPU in the main building.  Front axle was very unique along with many metal shaping one off items.

Yes, there was something for the racers in the show.  New record holder in his class of over 300 mph was on hand for you to admire.  A model 40 for sure.

SAR had Lynn’s new roadster body in their booth.  Lynn has them built with a stock firewall and front floor.  He also uses a stock dash when he has one available.  This is a very nice roadster body.

Roy had another one of John’s 33 coupes in his booth.  I don’t know how many 33’s John has but he has a bunch of them in his collection.  Smart man.  Roy liked green this year.

Eric had this bare metal coupe in his display.  The work coming out of his shop is flawless and always has the look I like.  QC and split bones are O.K. in my book.

HHR has just completed this one off build with a RHD and flathead motor.  Troy can build the one off car better than most.  I have watched this car being built over the past several years and Ron can be proud of his ride.  Lots of super detail and crafty items on this roadster.

A few years ago Lee came over and looked at a 29 we had for sale and decided to build his own.  I really like the end result of the 29 he built.  It was in contention for the AMBR this year.  Wire wheels are in this year and look good on the car.

Once a coupe turned into a roadster this current R&C cover car was sitting outside the Suede Palace for me to photograph.  The color makes this car standout from the crowd.  Circle City Hot Rods is the builder of this fine roadster.

Today’s Track – T…dreaming!

Neal East had his rebuilt Zipper car on display in building 3.  The car was flipped a few years ago and now is back on the road with a super nifty teardrop to balance the car on turns.  A very striking car with lots of appeal.

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