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The sunshine used to hide in Montana in the winter but has decided to move to LA for the ocean breezes.  The people coming to the GNRS will be in shorts and T-shirts if the weather holds through the weekend.  Lucky at Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank is holding his place open on thursday for all to stop by and see his cool stuff.  I plan to stop by and visit with him prior to heading to Pomona.  I would guess Lynn Williams will have his museum of cars open also.  Lynn has way cool cars and parts and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  He will loose money to save a friend!  I am sure the rest of the Pomona hot rod shops will welcome you to stop by and say hello or purchase a T-shirt.  I need a new shirt from Old Crow.

Toppers was busy today with BS and talk of the show.  Some folks are going on friday and some on saturday.  The weekend draws over 400 cars parked on the outside for the show goer’s to look at between the buildings.  I may go both days if my body holds out.  I think the show grows and gets better each year.  We are fortunate to have the show in LA.  We had a lot of discussion about the high quality of the cars that are in competition and the cost of building a show winner.  I presume those who can pursue the AMBR have a dream of winning the big trophy and can afford to express their entry.  I appreciate the efforts of the builder and the owner to create the cars for us to enjoy.  I might not always care for the design but I always admire the craftsmanship that I see in the build.  The show build books really tell the picture.  The books or videos are very well done and document the efforts in exacting detail.  If you have never watched one of the video’s in the displays take time to do so.  You won’t regret it.  The theme this year is RT66 and it is the 62nd year for the show.  The last 8 shows have been held in Pomona where the name was changed from the Oakland Roaster Show to the Grand National Roadster Show.  The show allows for ten contestants to compete for the title.

Meanwhile back at Pewsplace I am working on the delivery today.  I am installing the rear jig frame braces which I fabricated yesterday.  I better go back in the garage and quite dreaming about a 40 coupe.

Stay Tooned!


This are the types of coupes you will see at the show.  I stand around these cars for a long time and look at the overall theme and design.  This is the current rage with a spring behind axle front suspension.

I sure you will see some 40 customs in bldg. 9.  Mild chop on this 40 convert.  Dave would like this one.

Outside you might see another version of the chopped 40 convert with 5 spokes and rubber running boards.  Nice top profile.

This 34 coupe would look right at home in the Suede Palace.  No need to paint or upholster you ride.  The quality of these cars creeps higher each year.

Just to show you I don’t spend all of my time dreaming here are the spring clamps I made for my friends cars.  I used 1 inch x .125 metal and bent them in the u shape.  They worked really well.

In my younger years I would have purchased this cherry body in a minute, but the build process would take longer to do than my yardstick allows.

I am also rebuilding my much neglected water cooler.  Looks bad but is just surface rust like the photo above.

The top of the stainless water pan is made of aluminum and the reaction of the anti-freeze and neglect caused the deterioration of the plate.  I will use stainless to replace.

My friend John is coming right along with his 39 tub.  He has just finished the “Carson Top” style framework for his hammered multi-door tub.  Nice work John.

I love louvered trunk lids on roadsters and coupes.  This is a skin glued to a fiberglass deck lid.  I am not sure how to do this but I may try it on Lucy if she stays around much longer.

Today’s 5 window…maybe Pete will have one in the show!

Since my first car was a 5 window I am partial to them over a 3 window.  Chop the top so the rear side window is square, 2 1/2 inches, and you have one super coupe.

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  2. Ive heard rumors the AMBR will have new judges this year. Bobby Alloway is one I think. Every year I wait to see who wins, and almost never am I in agreement. Americas Most Beautiful Roadster usually is”nt. Maybe this time. Really enjoy your site,Dick

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