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The morning air was brisk and I knew I needed to arrive at the DMV early in order to accomplish my drivers license renewal in a reasonable amount of time.  I left early and arrived with only one person ahead of me.  I have seen the line go around the building over the past few days so I was very pleased to arrive early.  The whole process took less than 20 minutes and I was on my way with another 5 year drivers license.  I don’t think I have taken a drivers test (exam) for many years.  The eye and hearing test are the only ones to worry about when you get older.  I left the DMV feeling good about the whole experience and headed for the “Office” for a quick coffee and donut.  For some reason the morning grew colder as the day progressed.  Toppers was buzzing with last night’s game in which the Ducks were beaten by the Tigers.  I watched the game and thought it was really a well played game after the second quarter.  Cam is certainly and amazing quarterback and I am sure destine for stardom in the NFL.

We finally discussed the GNRS  and are still puzzled why we haven’t heard more about the Top 10 contenders.  I could only think of one car that maybe in contention. If Bill had SO-CAL finish the Howerton Special, which has been a long term build by Jackie and others, then it should be in the show.  This car needs no paint to win.  I don’t know what color you would paint it to be different, but if you could clear the aluminum it would look best in my mind.  I saw this car being built at Moal’s home garage over 10 years ago and was amazed at the overall concept and workmanship exhibited.  Hopefully it will be in the show.

The last subject of discussion is why on such a cold day doesn’t the heater work in your hot rod.  Most of the older installations have a shut off vavle to open and close the water passage, but on the new Vintage Air units the servo is controlled electronically using a knob on the dash.  Gary has one installed in his coupe and it doesn’t work, Ruby has the same system and it doesn’t work and we could not figure out why.  The most obvious reason was the switch wasn’t opening up to allow the hot water to flow through to the heater core.  We left without resolving the problem as no one wanted to stand outside in the cold and locate the problem.  Bob O had disconnected his so we were left puzzled until the “Office” tomorrow.   These are real old folks problems and they take time.  The weather is down in the 50’s so we are really cold.



Here is a great photo from Don’s Hot Rod Page.  This old patina 40 sedan delivery looks right at home on the salt.  I am not familiar with this car but I like it.  Andre would feel right at home parked next to this one.  The RB coupe is on the right.  This is what it is all about.

Yes, a 40 coupe fits in the scene at B-ville.  I love the louvers and Tacoma Cream wheels with the black and white R&P interior.

I showed the front last week and now here is the rear view of a very nice hiboy 33 roadster at the GNRS.

The outdoor display on Saturday is really great and draws a lot of nice cars.  This tudor was fresh and looked very well built.  You don’t see Moon Disc on many cars today.  They were a fad in my younger days and we drilled the rims to screw them on.

My vote was for Marks 32 roadster.  This has to be one of the best built in recent years and shows off Simards work and tenacity for perfection.  That is me smiling in the photo.  Nice work!

Outside of the Suede Palace there were plenty of traditional rods to keep me looking all day long.  A  PRC regular.

The under construction cars in bare metal always attract my attention.  This one was a true gem.  Wire wheels, bias tires and full louvered hood make the car.

Another model 40 inside by Hot Rods by Dean was one of my favorites.  An almost CMG color and lots of class made this a show winner.

Pat had his fresh roadster on display last year and while in a corner I managed to find it and shoot some photos.  I don’t know how he fits in the car but he does.  Joe would be proud of Pat’s efforts.  Cadillac power, Auburn dash, Purple paint and bias white walls is all it takes for me to fall in love.

Today’s possible GNRS Roadster contender…dreaming!

Here is a photo of the Howerton/Lindig car that I hope is in the show this year.  This is how it looked at SO-CAL’s open house last June.

Bill also has this one going together at SO=CAL.  I watched the Kennedy Boys chop this one and it is perfect.  A blown, Ardun equipped aluminum flathead powers this Brookville coupe.  Maybe it will be in the SO-CAL booth.

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