Toppers Tuesday

The weather has turned cold and garage time has been reduced until the warm weather returns.  I missed the meeting at the “Office” but made the lunch at Toppers. There was lots of BS about Football and very little about cars.  I am waiting for the Auburn Oregon game which should be a good one.  Bob O talked about the GNRS being at the end of the month this year and the increased cost to park your ride in the outside show.  I suspect everything will go up in 2011 including the admission to car shows.  All the cities and states are broke so they increase their rent to the promoters.  I am going no matter what it cost and consider it cheap entertainment.

Once the weather warms up I plan to really focus on the delivery.  I worked on the front axle and brakes over the weekend and they all fit correctly.  I choose the Wilwood aluminum hub model for reliability and looks.  These are the same units SO-CAL uses in their kits.  The dual calipers are large but my 15 inch wheels have plenty of clearance and allow for adjustment.  The front axle and wishbones really look good in my eyes and will be powder coated black to match the chassis.  I have black calipers also with aluminum mounting brackets.  I need to add a panhard bar and sway bar to be complete.  CE, TCI and P&J makes both of these items and I am not sure which vendor I will select.  The last item on the chassis is to install the rear springs and shocks which is a day’s job.  I then will be faced with removing the body for blasting and priming.  I an shooting for February 1st for completion of these tasks.

Stay Tooned!


The front brakes are installed for a trial fit and they look great.  I am using the 4 1/2 bolt pattern front and rear.

The spindle uses an aluminum mounting bracket which covers the rotor.  The spindle arms still need to be cut off and new dropped steering arms added.

This shot shows the completed installation and the overall look of the front suspension.  Old school but functional.

The Wheelsmith wheel clears the caliper with room to spare.  Note spindle steering arms are still not cut.  I hate ruin a set of early Ford spindles but bending them is not in the overall plan.

Cira 1948 these two young men built show stoppers for about $2500.  Both cars are still around and have been restored.

Jerry’s car is still in Burbank and this is how it looks today.  Scott did the restoration of this beauty.

Art’s 39 as she looks today.  Bob O said he thinks the color is too light compared to the original

Jerry Johnson sent in this photo of a modern day 39 hot rod.  These are perfect as designed but I am not a big fan of cutting one up.

Jerry also sent in a picture of Charlie’s 40 stocker with skirts and Appletons.  Real Appeltons are hard to come by today.  Note perfect trunk fit.

Today’s Garage Scene…dreaming!

Tim is working away on this 40 Woody.  Note his clean AC installation which is painted to match the interior color.  Nice job Tim.

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