Toppers Tuesday

Bob O drove his 40 coupe today and Dave brought his 34 phaeton to make the parking lot shine. Bench racing in the parking lot at the pizza joint is just like the good old days. The only hard part is laying on the ground to admire some of the neat chassis work. Bob O has one of the nicest little stock coupes around. Tom had updated the suspension with some very heft sway bars. I crawled under the car to have a look at the installation which was flawless. Using P&J front shock mounts requires some clever maneuvering to make the sway bar clear the shocks. This car has a stock dropped axle with stock spindles that have been reshaped to clear the axle and prevents loose steering arms. This is all old school stuff that still works today. I was so excited about the sway bar I called Tom to find out where he purchased them. It turns out he made them in his shop to fit the car. I will have to save up for a set for Andre cause I like them. Somehow a black 40 coupe always attracts people. Several people came over to have a closer look at one of Henry’s better design ideas.

I came back home and looked at Andre’s front suspension (still waiting for the axle from Magnum) and designed a sway bar that would work on my front end. I need to check into bending high carbon steel without a bender. Tom uses a rosebud torch and a jig. Maybe Frantic will have an idea, he can solve all problems with his vast knowledge.

I have some more weekend photos for you so..,

Stay Tooned!


Steve had his new flamed 40 in attendance and it was standing tall. Steve likes to use clay to make the paint shine. Crowds around this one all day.

He also cleaned up the rear end, added some more pinstriping and a set of caps and rings on new Firestones. Looks great Steve.

Galpin Ford was the major sponsor and had lots of toys on display. This Dearborn Deuce was a cutie pie and could be yours for a mere $175K. I guess they are marketing these for Dearborn Deuce. I wonder how the DMV handles these cars?

The wife really fell in love with this little Deuce roadster. Built by some of the best in the business Quentin now has it in his possession and is driving to the events in style. One of the nicest I have seen in a long time. Paint and body work by Moal, construction and assembly by Bauder.

I have never seen a dash insert like this but it was really nice. The gauges fold down while driving which means the panel ones probably don’t work.

Stock tail lights and slick paint make this a black on black standout.

This McLaren Mercedes was one of just a few in attendance. Most of the cars at this meet were of the high end sports car bracket. I enjoy looking at all cars so I really liked the seldom seen exotics in my neighborhood.

Early 55 -57 Gullwings make me drool. This one had aftermarket air added but it was flawless. I didn’t recognize the car or its owner. Momma liked this one also.

Long time car builder and Woody lover Bob Oney from Ohio sent along some pictures of his Woody sitting at the beach covered with white sand. Bob operates Ohio Hot Rods if you need some work done contact him. He has done them all.

Sometimes this is all you need to do to have a true hot rod with a little backyard engineering. Note spacers between new spring and u-bolts. Old 40’s are hard to stop running.

Today’s front suspension….not an I beam.

Poor Boys Hot Rods did a fantastic job of installing the new TCI front suspension in the woody. Note neat cut out of inner fender panels and clean installation of crossmember. Nice job Dan and his crew.

The new crossmember is very low to the ground and the components are all black painted and beautiful. You can’t see this unless you lay down on the ground which is hard at my age. The wife takes the pictures.

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