Toppers Tuesday

Good turnout today and a few more hot rods showed up. Nice weather brings out the cars. We did not talk much about cars today but did discuss the MII front suspension that John has under his tub. He is concerned about the coil overs riding on a 7/8 round tubing A-arm with a welded tube for the coil over to attach to. I agree it doesn’t look like a strong mount compared to the Kugel but Heidts has been selling the set up for many years and I don’t recall any failures among my peers. Keep in mind that the same car with an axle is held by a 3/8 bolt in the spring shackle. I think the car will be fine and his running mates tub has the same set up with no failures.

I stopped by Bob’s and used his bead blaster to do my Guide 682-C headlight bucket. I now have a very nice pair for the roadster. I will need to primer it before it rusts again but it is very clean now. These lights will be out of style by the time I finish my roadster. Oh well! Tradition never goes out of style. IFS go out of style. Magnum Axle is sold out of 40 Ford axles and have over 100 orders waiting for shipment. Long live the I beam axle. Bounce along the road with me.

Have a great Tuesday!

Stay Tooned!


Dave asked me at lunch if I liked the skirts on the forty coupe. I said no way. My convertible had a set and I threw them away.

I have known about this SD for a good number of years but I did not know it had been re-done back to it’s glory.

The story goes that Coca-Cola had a fleet of 400 SD in the LA area in 1940. This is one of the survivors. I followed this car from the LARS, Long Beach Swap meet, Pomona Swap meet and many other shows until it was finally sold and ended up in Portland with the Brass Man. The car surfaced on ebay and sold for a low dollar to the current owner who completely restored the car. It sure looks good now.

Stock dash, yes SD had a deluxe dash insert not a standard. The leather interior is not standard but looks great in my mind.

Many people discard the skid strips but I like them and they do serve a purpose for sliding cargo over that beautiful floor. I have these for my car… eight of them.

I have an original one for Andre but this one looks like a good alternative. Elco made one for his delivery that looks similar.

Ford’s Clear Lake factory is turning out Forty Coupes like Henry did only he uses a RPO (regular production option) 350/350 in place of the flathead and three speed. This is the perfect color for any Forty Ford.

The rear fenders sure fit nice on this slick 5 window coupe as Bob Drake calls them. Are those wheels orange with Mercury Caps?

I looked this car over for a while and it appears this may be one of SO-CAL’s starter kits that someone has put together. The overall car was very nice and just lacked a complete interior. Nice job!

Today’s headlights…really mine!

This is a NOS one I found at the LARS show for $25 and I was real happy with my purchase.

I found this one a little later but it was a lot more money and needed to be rebuilt. I make sure they had the all important Guide tag that could be restored. I love these lights that they now reproduce. Primer is next.

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