Toppers Tuesday

When the Sun shines I am a happy camper and today the Sun was shining bright. We had a couple of cars show up at Toppers along with a few of the regulars. Our attendance has been off lately and I don’t know why. I guess I will have to start reminding everyone that Tuesday means you head for Toppers for lunch. The crowd at the “Office” was also light today so it just must be a light day.

The elections were discussed but I made sure that everyone understood that I came here to talk about Hot Rods, not politics. We tried to remember who started that saying but no one could remember. We kicked around tops and roadsters and decided that old people probably need coupes and sedans except for a local trip to the Office. Dave is the exception as all of his cars are convertibles except his new Deuce pickup.

Bob-O is going to install the SBC in his 40 coupe. He is planning on hooking up the engine to the stock driveline. Bruce has a Columbia sitting in his garage that would sure be nice behind that motor. Bob-O has a Columbia in his 40 truck that works great with the flat motor. Wilcap sells all the components, including the clutch and pressure plate to make this happen. You just need the Chevy flywheel (168 tooth model internally balanced) and a weekend of time.

I started to move the cars around today in order to make some more space for the roadster in the winter months. I am taking the Woody tomorrow to a new home for a while and will miss her dearly. Thanks again to Walt for letting me drive this wonderful Woody.

Stay Tooned!


Charlie told me this was one of a very few deliveries that Ford built with a standard front end and a V8 60. It has been converted to a full street rod some time ago but I did learn something on this one. Charlie knows V8 Fords.

Rudy built this three window recently and it has the B’Ville racer look. He can do some amazing metal work in his shop.

This rare Deuce phaeton came up for sale on Fordbarn recently. The owner has a stable full of Deuces for sale. He must be thinking of moving to CA.

Dave was in Hershey and snapped some photos of some of the treasures that were for sale. These two looked pristine and just rolled out of the trailers for all to view. Bring money, please. The convert would look good in my garage.

This Brookville Deuce looked like a good deal but did not sell at $22K as you see it.

This same car is now for sale on the HAMB for $20K which is still a good deal if you want one. I see Brookville bodies, roadsters and coupes for some ridiculously low prices these days. I have seen roadster bodies at Pomona and Long Beach for $7500 and coupes for $17K. It must be the economy which according to our government is no longer in a recession. They have not been to my neighbor hood lately.

I don’t have the details on this 5 window but I am guessing it would bring a fortune if the right buyer came along. I love 5 windows. Frank and George have them stored away in rehab.

Dave knows I love QC’s and there was more than one for sale. I would think Winters has taken over this market except for the “Old Timers”.

Yes, that is a Columbia for a 40 Ford. Bob-O needs this for his coupe. I could never get mine to work properly. It would always engage but never release at the stop sign. ??xx@@

I hang around a lot of body shops and the workers tell me how much Bondo is required to make Brookville bodies straight. This is an original body that sure looks like it requires a lot of Bondo also. Why not just purchase a Wescott and have a nice quality FG car? I did.

Today’s headlight mounts….really.

If you are tired of the SO-CAL headlight mounts this Brizio headlight and shock mount looks good to me and much stronger. I will use this set up on my next chassis.

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