Topper’s Tuesday

Nice fall day today, time to think about driving the sedan delivery or Tudor I don’t have. I have been working on finding either car for over a year. I think I have finally found a very nice Deuce Tudor in Kansas that will complete my search. I can only purchase one more car as there is no more room at the Inn. The wife is concerned about the lack of space in my once spacious garage.

Toppers conversation today included Vern Tardell’s new hiboy Deuce offering. It seems Vern is offering a limited number of hiboys using Brookville bodies, his motors, frames and components. I am sure Keith is helping Dad out with the building process. These cars are certainly not inexpensive and would be only for the big buck buyer, but are really quite unique in the current environment. I have included some photos of the car as seen on Jalopy Journal. I would guess the photos are by Mike Bishop, but I am not sure.

I am also including some more photos of my roadster with the new chrome pieces and rear end installed.

On a sad note, lets all pray for Dave Enmark of Superbell fame. Dave has suffered a heart attack and is in the hospital. Dave was also the go to man on quick changes or just about anything to do with a Hot Rod. Get well soon.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Tooned!



Vern Tardell’s new Deuce Hiboy offering. Very traditional and nice.


Rear view of that Quick change and model A spring. Note tires and wire wheels.


Pew’s 33 has a new Halibrand Champ installed and ready to go….almost.


New chrome front spreader bar on the roadster project. I think it came out real nice.


Rear Chrome spreader bar made to conform to the radius of the frame. Very nice.


Hairpin chromed teardrop mounts that really help draw you eye away from the 33 up-swept front cowl section.

Sneak Peek


Someone sent me this photo from the Goodguys in Scottsdale. I love this Tudor, gloss frame and DP90 body with lots of detail. Chopped a little too much but thats O.K.

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