Toppers Tuesday

I am a little under the weather from the holidays but hopefully this darn cold won’t last long. (7 days for sure) I have been busy helping the wife with the outside lights and I guess the cold weather has attacked my old bones. At Topppers, we reviewed a couple of events that are taking place this week and decided we should attend. The last NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise is tomorrow and the Petersen Museum swap meet and car corral is Saturday. Both of these events are well attended so it should be fun. I don’t have a lot of new pictures so I will show you some old ones to keep the flame going.

I read on the HAMB that Barry Lobeck is sick and could use all of our prayers to help him through a tough period. I have been a Lobeck fan since I first met him in the 70’s. I love his build style, especially the maroon hiboy he debuted in the 70’s. He used to call me once and while and just say hello and remind me he offered me the hiboy for $25K in the late 70’s. Get well soon Barry.

Stay Tooned!


This is Barry’s hiboy at Columbus in the 70’s. I fell in love with the car and still think it is the one that started my love of the roadster. Bruce has it now and it looks good but not as good as when Barry built it.

Barry followed with a new version that was featured in SRM. They did a complete build series on his car. I don’t know if he still has the car but I did know he purchased it back once.

I received this photo of a magnificent 3 window that is owned by Andy in Tucson. He has owned the car for over 50 years and you can see why. I don’t think there are many left in this condition. If would be a shame to harm this one.

The rear view with the tire carrier is a seldom seen item on hot rods.

Andy also has a rare 34 Vicky that has the Street Rod treatment. The wheels are a nice touch for a change.

Sometimes the builder gets it right and the end result is worth the many dollars it takes to build a beauty like this 33 Ford roadster. The car looks good in maroon with the white top and whitewalls. This is the one for me.

Frank took some photos at GG’s in Scottsdale and this Vicky caught his eye. Note the old Halibrands. I can remember polishing the ones I had almost every weekend.

Done right, like this roadster, a 36 can be a really nice ride. The Duvall windshield looks good.

The chopped 5 window has the early look. Whitewalls have come back big time on hot rods.

Growing up in the Midwest we did not see many chopped Mercury’s as it takes some real talent to make these cars look good with a heavy chop.

Today’s Coupe…dreaming!

Frank likes this 3 window which is like the one he just purchased. It is hard not to like a 3 window coupe in any of Henry’s old Fords.

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