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Cold weather is here for a couple more days so time in the garage is limited. I did manage to remove the lock cylinder from the rear door on Andre after several hours (too many) of work. I did not harm the housing so all I have left to do is drill out the set screw which is no easy task. We have place in the valley (J&P) who can do this with a lazer and that is where I am going to take it. I really felt good after working so hard on the door that I didn’t do any damage. New lock cylinders with the covers are available from C&G when I need them.

I decided to install the motor and transmission in the roadster in order to gain more room in the garage. I will paint the motor first as I don’t plan to have a red motor in the car. I have exhausted all hope of selling it so I might as well get it running and have some fun. My wife suggested this after seeing all the cars at the Throttlers that were not finished and the owners were having a great time driving them. I hope to have the engine installed by this weekend. I need to remove the hood and radiator and it should be an easy task. The transmission hook up is always tough for me as I cannot lay on the ground to guide the installation. I have a lot of great friends who will help me with this part. After the door lock removal this should be an easy task.

Tomorrow night is the Twilight cruise at the NHRA Museum in Pomona and is always a great time. I plan to attend if the rains don’t come first.

The 19th annual CHRR is October 15-17 at Famoso raceway in Bakersfield, CA. If you love old race cars and great racing you won’t want to miss this event. The cackle fest is really an amazing sight and will bring tears to your eyes from all of the alcohol being burned. My late friend Ed was in his glory during this weekend as he was part of a dragster crew in his early days of racing.

The season is winding down but there are still plenty of events to keep car guys happy for the rest of the year and then it starts all over again. I am very grateful to live in Southern California where hot rods rule.

Stay Tooned!


Washington blue RPU with banger was spotless and sounded wonderful to your ear. Crowds around this one all day.

The Throttlers is about the past and this T had a great history as a racer.

The owner had the sign for all of us to enjoy. I really like the history cars with some data provided for the spectators.

Another true racer was this A roadster ready for Bonneville or El Mirage. A very nicely constructed racer.

The Deuce vicky was also a period piece that I had never seen before. Supercharged Thunderbird motor and period correct dash and interior said it all.

A whole lot of motor for that little Deuce vicky but it fit nicely.

The dash and interior matched the cars build period correctly and appeared in excellent shape for its age.

Bob keeps his black 35 spotless and it was standing tall at Johnny Carson Park. I love this car and it has a straight axle front end.
Fred added power steering and it drives very nicely.

I finally met Bob who owns this 40 SD. The car has been redone to be a great driver and the owner keeps it going everywhere he can.

Lynn has this Deuce roadster for sale for $65K and it is very nice… Brookville, SO-CAL chassis, SBC, Black and a Gabe’s interior make it a step above most. I don’t think you could buy the parts for what he is asking.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

I saw this one at the PRCC and it was a very unique build from the boys in Reno. I am excited about mine again…Stay Tooned!

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