Toppers Tuesday

I am still a little slow from my big weekend but I did manage to go by the “Office” and make it to Toppers today. This was the last official day for the Streetscene boys so I wanted to wish Paul and Dean all the best on their move to Moreno Valley. We will miss them as we do Joe. Dave drove his Phaeton and Bob-O drove his 5 window so it made a good day for the gang. Somehow having hot rods at our luncheon makes the day brighter for all of us.

I took a copy of the “50 years of Rod and Custom” for everyone to view. This is a great book for us old guys to refresh our minds on days of the past. The new Rod and Custom came yesterday and has an article by SAN (SEMA Action Network) on the future of our sport. The more I read the more I am confused by how our government wants to put an end to the old car hobby. We should all know who we our electing and make sure they are on our side. If we don’t make a stand today someone will come and take our old cars away to make American a better place to live. I just don’t understand what the People stand to gain by eliminating old cars. I think most of us feel that will never happen but that attitude will only result in a bill that hurts all old car lovers. If you cast your vote or contact your local government official you have made a step in the right direction. We are not safe under today’s lawmakers whose only purpose in life is to get re-elected.

On a brighter note I have the doors sanded both on the house and car. They are now ready for paint. I was told to sand the sandblasted doors prior to priming them and that is what I did. They are now much smoother but rough enough to make the paint stick. If the weather holds I will shoot them in the morning.

Stay Tooned!


We arrived about 9:00 am and parked in the back lot which was filling up fast. The grassy area and shade trees makes this an ideal venue for a picnic and car show.

This little Dearborn Deuce was parked next to us and I just had to have a look. The car had the look with gray painted wire wheels, bias tires, nice stance and lots of chrome. I don’t know the owner but it sure was a nice Deuce.

The owner retained the stock gas tank and spreader bar which is a must for my taste.

Larry, who has had a string of nice 40’s drove his Mandarin Maroon coupe over from Phoenix for all of us to admire. This was my favorite car of the show. The car could pass for a stocker until you take a closer look.

A stock rear bumper and splash pan had been installed to add the genie look. White walls on 40 coupe look great and add class to the resto car look.

The tilt column with a smaller 40 wheel was an indication of owners choice for comfort while on the road. A/C was also included for those hot AZ summers. It would be hard to find a nicer 40 coupe.

This photo shows you the quality of paint on Larry’s 40. Perfect!

Sitting all by itself was this Brizio built hiboy. This car has quite a history and is not very old. The owner had a bad accident a few years ago and the car was totaled. Thanks to many people the car is back together and looks better than new. He added new wheels and a slightly different yellow paint job. Sid re-installed the interior and presto a new hiboy is back on the road. The owner is back to normal and driving his dream car again. Congratulations to all who made this happen.

Sid’s interior’s are well known in the Bay area and are always perfect. A heater has been installed for those cold nights on the coast hi-way.

Another addition was large diameter headlamps for a better view of the road. Nice touch.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

A long time friend, Ron, had his colorful Deuce roadster in attendance. Eastwood did the chassis years ago with buggy springs, QC and hairpins. Note the track bars ahead of the huge rear tires. This is the way is was.

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