Toppers Tuesday

Light turnout today but we had a great conversation about cars, football and politics. We try to avoid politics at lunch due to various personalities that attend our gathering. Most people respect an individuals right to vote as he/she feels but sometimes opinions expressed are super critical of one’s preference. I think the same goes for a persons choice of hot rods they prefer. Believe it or not, many people do not like 32 Fords or 40 Fords as their hot rod of choice. Again, opinions can be down right humiliating. Fortunately, no one in our group is ever taken seriously.

I have a strong love for all cars, but prefer the Deuce, Model 40 and 1940 Fords. I would not turn down a Nomad or C1 solid axle Corvette if I ran across a deal. The later Chevrolets have become very popular and expensive even in this economy. I had a call from a fellow in IN who was looking for a forty delivery and we had a good conversation about car preferences and their value. Deuces are still king of the market in my mind, but if you would venture over to the C1 Corvettes you will see that six figures are not uncommon for these cars. A good car will always bring the money to the right buyer.

I forgot to mention that this Sunday is the Redline Corvette show in Thousand Oaks. I will try to make it back from the Outriders in time to do Pizza at Dales…

Stay Tooned!


Gary has picked up a unique P&J chassis with a 40 open rear axle. The chassis will create a lot of opinions of mixing the new and old but with disc brakes, 9 inch axles and a open drive I am sure it will work as good as a 9 inch with the benefit of the early look. I like it.

I have featured several of the aluminum flatheads with Ardun heads but this is a conventional one that is being installed in a 34 Ford.

The engine looks right at home in this old Ford. Tight squeeze is some areas but it all works together.

The final installation really looks good. I wonder is Frank is thinking about removing the Chevy and installing this very expensive flathead. Bob O wants one for his 40.

The Harbor Run had some very nice and special trophies for the winners. Can you imagine the work involved in making these…nice job.

I was walking along and was surprised to see Glenn’s 41 delivery that he purchased from Lou a couple of years ago. I also introduced myself to Glenn and we had a great BS session on the delivery. This car was on the cover of Hot Rod years ago and was mounted on a 55 Chevrolet frame. You would never know it now as it has a NOS flathead installed to the stock driveline.

Wells V8 did the installation of the flatmotor and it looks terrific with Fenton headers and nice detailing. Lou had baby Hemi scheduled.

What would a car show be without a very nice gasser with a Hemi…boring!

The 409 is showing up in more cars than ever before. Edelbrock has made available the aluminum Performer heads to help the motor really perform.

Todays Cabriolet…dreaming!

My wife always has preferred these cars over roadsters. My friend John has a beauty in the final stages. Get going John!

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