Topper’s Tuesday

The weekend had a lot to offer car enthusiasts this Labor Day. The Ventura Nationals, Labor Day Cruise and Chuy’s just to name a few events that offered a good time and lots of cars. The weather was LA perfect and the attendance was up at all events. I am very happy to see the car people back in the groove again. Jane and I drove the Woody to Chuy’s along with Terry in his SD. The place was packed and the music was loud. Most of the cars were late model but a few of our gang showed up and we all had a great time. I actually took the weekend off and just enjoyed the holiday. I have some photos from the weekend for you to view.

I am looking forward to the football season, College and Pro games keep me entertained all winter. I am sorry for UCLA as they have a tough schedule this year. I hope the Oregon teams will show some slack to our poor teams. What about a 72 to 0 score! Oh well! The NFL season kicks off thursday night with last years bowl teams seeing if they do a repeat. Favre should be real careful or the 20 million won’t mean much to him if he gets hurt.

Stay Tooned!


Chuy’s was packed to the walls. The parking area was very well organized and everything went smoothly. I would estimate over 200 cars showed up for the evening get together. Thanks, Chuy’s.

A very nice BRG 5 window was at Chuy’s. The color with a light camel interior really stood out. The owner has fabricated lots of custom parts on his slick Deuce. Note Kugel front suspension and polished components.

I have a thing for phaetons and this 33 caught my eye. The car was purchased as a stocker and converted to a hot rod. Steve at the Limeworks did a lot of work on the car. The red wires bring back memories.

A stock 32 dash was installed in place of the original one. Have you priced a 33/4 roadster dash lately? $$$

Here is a trick for you tall drivers or persons who have been over fed. You simply add a plate to move the seat rearward. The owner let me sit in the car and I fit with ease. My Deuce phaeton was stock and Wescott sent me a 3 inch set back front seat which solved my problem.

Geroge drove his 56 dual quad convertible for all of us to drool over. You need to spend some time looking at this beauty.

The Orange County Labor Day Cruise offered a very different type of Deuce roadster. The owner built his own Woody hiboy.

Dan Collins had an open house Sunday and showed off some of his metal work. This 40 is going to be a sled and have the Nick Matranga hardtop look. Note rear fender extensions and shaping.

This is Dan’s personal roadster. I love the early look of this hiboy. The retro look continues to be strong on the West coast.

Dan installed the 40 dash to give his car a personal touch. I like 40 dashes in just about everything including a 40 Ford.

Today’s Deuces…dreaming!

Frank has the cars and he and his brother spent the weekend taking photos of their two cars. Both cars are for sale and if anyone has any interest call Frank or Joe. The cars are advertised on other sites. Nice picture, Frank.

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