Toppers Tuesday

Bob called early and asked me to meet him for coffee. He had to show me his fully sanded and ready for paint model A roadster. Today, I felt pretty good so I headed to Mickey D’s for the senior coffee (60cents) and 3 oatmeal cookies. Now this is a regular with Bob and I … folks the cookies are great. (3 for a buck) After coffee we stopped by his shop and looked at the body and all of the parts ready for paint. This process is being done by a pro shop worker after hours. The parts looked perfect and very straight. He is painting the car black so everything must be perfect. Bob has over 400 hours in prep and fitting work on the roadster. You can see why it cost six figures to build a car. The shop who is doing the work averages about $30K+ for a show paint job. I was running late and still needed to go to Frantic and see how his trip to Louisville was.

When I arrived, Fred was on the phone (always) and the shop was full of people. I had a pleasant surprise when in walked Dave, Fred’s long time employee who has been battling cancer over the past year. Dave is in his early twenties and has the cancer under control. Fred sure needs him back to work. Welcome back Dave. Fred’s delivery ran perfect to and from Louisville which is attributable to his years of experience building cars. It was now time for Toppers and I would be a little late getting there.

We had a good turnout at Toppers and Dave rolled in with his 40 rag going topless. The Streetscene boys announced they were closing the Simi Valley office and moving to Moreno Valley. I will sure miss them on Tuesdays and I don’t know what I will do about the football pool which is starting soon. Dean will figure it out. After lunch, I decided to go home and work on Andre. I managed to remove the last body bolt, the front axle and wishbone. I will take photos tomorrow. It seems archaic that I am splitting the wishbones on a 40 in this day and age. Fred thinks I am nuts.

It has been a good day for me so…

Stay Tooned!


Frank has another Phaeton in his collection of Deuces. This car has a great SO-CAL history being owned by the late Vern Williams for many years. The car is a real piece of history and Vern left it just the way he purchased the car; 37 LaSalle trans, 303 Olds, Eddie Marinez interior and added NOS fenders and running boards. Frank was able to persuade Bob that he should own it. Frank has a way with getting cars.

You don’t often see a Phaeton with the top down but this one looks good and has the proper side mounts for the top irons.

Frank thinks you need two of every Deuce made just in case one is broke down when you need to run to LA from NM. He has owned this one a long time.

The second Phaeton has a maroon interior with an engine turned dash full of gauges. Frank likes to shift his cars.

Frank chopped his first 3 window after is was completely finished. I showed him mine that Steve Davis had just finished and he told his wife he should chop his car.

Frank needed an unchopped 3 window so he purchased this one earlier this year. Pete built the chassis on this one and it has a Corvette rear end. Frank is leaving it alone. Good choice, Frank!

I have a thing for 40/41 pickups, especially CMG ones with whitewall tires. This is a cutie pie.

I hope you know the gentleman standing in front of Steve’s flamed 40 sedan. Tom was a big hit in P-Town and I am sure he truly enjoyed himself.

I am not sure who took this picture but he is to be congratulated for grouping some of the most influential people in hot rodding together for a picture. (Bud Bryan, Stroker McGurk Tom, Tex Smith, Andy Brizio and Jack Chisenhall)

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!

Frank has a couple of roadsters in his collection. This is the “Mayflower” and you will need to ask Frank about why it is called the “Mayflower” which is a whole story in itself.

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