Toppers Tuesday

I should be riding around in this today as I stopped by Conejo Upholstery to see how Alan was coming on the convert. Alan did the super upholstery in the fine looking sedan.

Today was Doctor’s day for me. The dentist was first and the Internal doctor was late in the afternoon. I always dread going to the doctor but at my age it is a necessity to ensure longevity. The weather is really hot so I guess today was a good day for going to the health shops versus the hot rod shops.

I saw an article on the JJ about a Deuce Vicky wreck in Burbank and watched the video of some brave souls pulling the driver out of the car prior to being burnt to death. I think it is my age, but the abundance of hot rod accidents I have viewed this year seem to be much more severe than in the past years. I think the more you drive you car and gain confidence the more willing you are to drive it more often. In the Deuce’s case he was rear ended and the tank exploded and started the car on fire. I know this can happen in a new car as well but I am always looking everywhere when I drive a hot rod to make sure some idiot is not going to hit me while looking at the car. I sure hope everyone survives and will follow on the HAMB.

I did not have time to go tire shopping today but will call Walt tomorrow and start looking for some new shoes for the woody. Hot weather, hot pavement and old tires are a dangerous combination.

Stay Tooned!


It is hard to believe this rust free sedan is not selling for a real good price. “The times they are a changing.” (Dylan)

The cars spec sheet reads as any old timer would have done, 3:54, Edelbrock, Mallory, etc. The motor looks good and he said it runs strong. Under $30K

Seen at B’ville this year… Denver based 3 window has the current look. We have several in the LA area that like the RB built style.

I have never met Tim in Illinois but he is a SD owner and sends me pictures as he progresses with the build. Nice delivery!

I think the movement to the tri-five area is O.K. by me. I would take a 2 door wagon in a minute. Have you priced one of these lately….expensive!

Here is the current car show scene on the West Coast. Nice hot rods and muscle cars mixing it up over breakfast with some real BS taking place. I love it!

Dave has an old Indian in additon to his fleet of open top cars. Remember when the top comes down the price goes up.

Ken’s, 36 delivery attends every show I go to so I know he likes to drive them. A local built and owned hot rod. The flames are exactly like Terry’s 41 delivery.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!

Like father like son, Rick has a really cool blue roadster with his new top and bias Firestone tires. I love the look.

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