Topper’s Tuesday

Crowded today. I spent the morning at the chrome platers picking up parts that needed more welding to be perfect. I am glad they called me instead of chroming the piece and then telling me it didn’t come out very good. I have a hard time TIG welding without leaving a little edge where the bead burnt into the metal. I am getting better but not chrome plated quality yet. Paint is the answer or should I say bondo.

I helped Bob bring home his new roadster, also built by Warren Boughn at Precision Street Rods. The new car has a full independent suspension and a brand new Brookville body. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Bob is like me, he likes to build them rather than drive them. This should make a real good driving car whereas the 29 was a true rough riding Hot Rod. Bob now has a nice 40 coupe and a roadster to finish. This is pure fun.

Here are some photos from the past as I have not taken any new ones lately.

Send me some of your favorites. I am busy!



Stay Tooned.


Beautiful Carson Topped Deuce. These tops are now being made in New Hampshire at a cost of $10,000!


Old style Deuce Tudor, Sierra Gold, steelies, bones and 37 taillights. Chopped, of course!


Foley’s super black and bitchen bad boy. Workmanship second to none, SBC, QC, Steelies, etc.


Deuce Frame X member in my project Deuce sedan. I don’t have a sedan but dreaming never hurts and is much cheaper.


My friend Walt’s super motor detail in his 46 Woody. I am going to copy this look. Powdercoated black!


My inspiration, Joe’s black 33 hiboy, crate 350, 700R4, 9 inch rear and polished Americans with BFG’s.

Sneak Peek


Pew’s Halibrand prior to completion. Finished product by Friday.

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