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Just a comment on the ebay market. I follow 32 – 48 Fords on a daily basis and have noticed a great decline in the market values that nice cars seem to be bringing. I know times are slow but when 32’s and 40 Fords don’t attract many bidders I know something is going on. Maybe the gas has everyone concerned with the future of our sport. I am tempted to not look at ebay for the next month and then revisit the market. I will work on my roadster top and see what I can accomplish. The roadster doesn’t use any gas so far.

Today I am posting some progress reports on my top as well as some more photos from the Roadster Show and 40 Ford Day.

Stay Tooned.


This is a new car from Brizio. Beautiful black with black and white interior. Roy has this look down pat. I like it.


Rear view of same car showing nice stance and Bop Top. I want one.


Unusual green car at SO-CAL Open House. This one was very well done and sitting out of the limelight. Cool!


He is my kind of roadster, Brookville, red oxide, bias and SBC.


Here is my weekend progress on my roadster top. I made this using 7/8 .060 tubing and a conduit bender. My friend Bob did the bending.


Here is a front view. The header will be metal also, but I have not figured out what to do.


Here is the side view. I am making the top to come apart in the middle like a Bop Top.


Real nice black 40 coupe at La Palma Park.


Interior was nice with brown leather and woodgraining everywhere.


Rear view of a very fresh 40 coupe. I want one of these also. Just in case you have one you don’ need.


Once again the dash caught my eye as something different for a change.



It has been a while since I feature a QC, but here is one in my roadster.

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