Topper’s Tudor’s

Today is the Pizza Joint day and the BS will be at its best. I like Deuce Tudors and have owned a couple of them over the years. I like hiboys with chopped tops the best, but a nice resto-rod is also a good way to go . There are so many Deuce roadsters hiboys that a sedan is all that is left that provides a little room and a roof over your head. Here are some examples of each that I like.

Stay Tooned!



Very nice, $$$ black hiboy with all the right stuff. Chopped, QC, Injected SBC


Old style copper beauty, steel wheels, bias tires, SBC


Bob’s very nice rest-rod, Mint sheet metal, Ford in a Ford, nice stance, now has steel wheels


Kennedy Boys hiboy, chopped, SBC, 39 trans, 40 rear, bias tires


Ohio Deuce, purchased by California rodder, needs chopped to look right, bones, Buick drums


Here is a good place to look for a Deuce Tudor…..Swap Meets, Expect $20K plus for a good one

Sneak Peak


This picture, taken by a friend of mine, is how life should be. Power to the People!

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