Toppers Tudor Sedans

The pizza was great and some new rules were established at lunch yesterday.

Rule number 1. A $1.00 fine for talking about your health problems. It is O.K. to discuss a friend who is in need, but not your own aliments. This will be hard to do for our lunch bunch.

Rule number 2. The purpose of the luncheon is to discuss cars and obtain free advice on something you are trying to accomplish with your car. The topic of politics and sports should be limited unless UCLA, USC or the Lakers are winning.

Rule number 3. No discussion of gasoline prices will be allowed. A $1.00 fine will be imposed and collected for the next Tuesday’s free Lunch Special. This should be a piece of cake.

Now for some cars.

Stay Tooned!



Nice Chicago Land tudor with Hemi. Paint not required.


Same car with Chevy and wide 5’s.


Canadian Tudor with chopped top.


Napa 34 looks good as a hiboy also. Nice chop, 3 1/2 inches.


Mike Marten’s tudor. Now being made a hot rod at Chrisman Cars.


RB Tudor at the GNRS. Love this one. Toooooo.. much chop for me.


Frank’s hiboy from back in KY. Nice paint…Medium Cabernet Red…78 Ford Truck.



Rust free body and DF in Huntington Beach.

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