Topper’s Troubles

The Buick rear brake project ran into real trouble yesterday and still wasn’t solved until today after Toppers luncheon. Dick, who is a retired GM guy and a hands on Deuce builder came over after the BS session and helped me try to solve the problem of ill fitting rear brake drums. The problem was the NAPA supplied rear brake shoes. Dick noticed after studying the old and the new shoes that the new shoes were not the same and probably causing the problem. I changed the shoes and presto everything fit. Thanks Dick and I will keep my thoughts to myself about NAPA, as they did help me secure both the wrong brakes parts and wheel cylinders. Tomorrow will be my day at NAPA.

I hope to roll the car outside tomorrow with some help from my friends. Pictures will be taken to prove that one of my cars actually rolls out of the garage.

Stay tooned!


Today’s Cars



Unfortunately, the group talked politics and not much else. So here are some cars I like.


John’s Brizio built 34 hiboy. This is the real deal and started my love affair with a 33/34 hiboy. John has driven this car thousands of miles since completed. A young girl even crashed into the rear of the car and did serious damage.


SO-CAL’s 29 A/V8. I normally don’t like these cars but this one looks great.


32 Medium Cabernet Red sedan hiboy at the LA Roadster Show a few years ago. I like this car, but would have to chop it to make it right.


I know everyone likes a 3 window, but a 5 window looks great also. Great profile on this one.


Here we go…40 coupe High School style. Red wheels, no hubcaps and bad rake. Love it!


My friends John’s 32 Potvin Cam car. The real deal, flathead, QC, and vintage undercarriage.


Manno’s Deuce Sedan. This has the look of the past. Wire wheels and white walls.



Larry’s beautiful 3 window. Looks like a future Hot Rodder to me.

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