Topper’s Super Tuesday

Huge day! I was up early and headed to the Reagan Library to cast my vote. Lots of voters so I am sure being in a Republican place that my vote was needed. You know this is Clinton country. The cold morning was hard on this old man, but somehow I managed to make it to Toppers for lunch where the conversation was about the election and not much about cars. We have several propositions that deal with giving the Indian tribes more slot machines to increase our budget for the over spending of real tax payers money by an irresponsible government. Sound familiar. Enough politics. How about some coupes for a cold day. I prefer roadsters and sedans, but my first car was a 5 window coupe that I was going to build and beat Harry Luzader’s C/G record holder of the 60’s. Right!

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s very detailed 5 window coupe with a 3/8 x3/8 flatty and 39 toploader.


Dave’s $300 deuce coupe. He won the Hot Rod Hot Line story for best BS.


Deuce 5 window of Harry’s. This is not a daily driver, but fun on the weekends.


Probably the nicest 5 window built recently. Subject of “Hard Shine” TV show.


SO-CAL’s model A coupe at the GNRS. This will be a trend setter for sure.


Old school 5 window from Fresno. High School Rat Rod for sure.


SO-CAL’s black and cream version of Fleets car in a 5 window. Looks super in my mind.


Hard to beat a 40 coupe for style and comfort. What is the white stuff?



32 Hiboy at the GNRS. I am informed that my dream car cost over $200k to build. You see dreaming is still real cheap and almost as rewarding.


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