Topper’s Sedan Deliveries

I am really hungry for Pizza today, so I will make a pig out of myself and order too much. I also ordered too much from C&G Ford Parts today. I got carried away when looking at their web site. If you have not tried them for your early Ford parts, please do so, as they have quick delivery, super prices and very knowledgeable people. Clyde is also restoring a 40 Ford sedan delivery, so I really like doing business with them. Sedan deliveries are very scarce and not very popular, but has always been one of my favorite Hot Rods. I especially like the looks and the room they provide while on the road or at a swap meet. I have owned a 1934, three 1940’s and two 1941’s. I purchased my first 1934 from the head Chef for the United States Military Academy at West Point. His father had purchased it new. I somehow came up with the $500 purchase price and became the new proud owner. I drove that car back and forth to GM for several years and it never missed a beat. The car is now in Northern California and is still a very nice car. Here are some deliveries that I like.

Stay Tooned!



1941 restored, stock everything except….


Dash is woodgrained


Lou Wells 1941, rust free delivery nice stance and profile


My old 34 delivery purchased in 1966 in New York


Rear view showing door, tailight and bumper


My 1946 leaving for good…..sad day for me


Don’s 40 restored red delivery, wide whites, bucket seats


Sedan delivery, Woody and Pickup all have a flat rear bumper and different bumper irons.

Sneak Peek


Quickchanges tomorrow

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