Toppers Roadsters

Today is the best day for the Roadsters. The joint will be rocking and the Roadsters will be everywhere. In my dreams this would be the way it is, but of all the people who own Roadsters in our town only a few ever drive them on a regular basis. Remember you high school days when that is all you had to drive. When I retired 10 years ago, I decided to only own a roadster so I would have to drive it everyday. O.K., so it was a 48 convertible with windows, I still managed to do that for almost 3 years. The car never failed me, so I purchased a 47 sedan delivery to go to the swap meets and it too never let me down. Both cars were so great, so I purchased a 46 Woody from a good friend with the hopes of making it my daily driver. I am telling you this as most of us are in the 4th quarter and praying for overtime. Drive your cars and enjoy them as you never know when the big man will call you to the Street Rod Nationals far away.

Ed is driving his roadster every day and finishing his new ride.

Checkout Jalopy Journal for some pictures of Deuce Day in Detroit.

Have a look!

Stay Tooned!



Nice profile old style Deuce. We don’t need the top today…near 100 degrees!


Todays ebay roadster….red 34 with bling and only $90K!


Don’t have a roadster…build one a Ford employee in Michigan did!

Brookville makes things easy and cheap.


Buy one done for $32K, here is one of our gangs cars. I think there are 10 more of these cars in town.


Another black roadster to drive, WOW, they are everywhere. That is good news, take them out and play!

Sneak Peek


In case it rains, you need a sedan for the Salt.

See the Jalopy Journal for Bonneville pictures.

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