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My friend George has a vast collection of Deuces and stories to go with them.  He took his flathead powered Deuce roadster on the “Lucky Bastards” Reliability Run last weekend and sent along some photos of the event.  He also told me a story about this Deuce Roadster that his good friend and he hauled home more than 30 years ago.  It seems the fellow’s son finally put the car together and drove the car on the run with George.  The trip was about 150 miles and they made it safely back home.  I love stories than have a happy ending.

The wife and I cleaned the garage yesterday and she did a great job.  Now I need to keep it that way for another 6 months.  I seem to get dirty just walking out in the garage without even trying.  I have never been a neat freak but my wife is over the top on keeping things in their proper place.  I have her to thank for keeping my garage presentable.

I saw some roadsters in town for the show this morning.  I didn’t recognize the cars or drivers but maybe they will show up at Toppers for lunch.  I am sure more cars will arrive tomorrow for the big event.  I need to make sure I have a spare battery for my Canon.  The excitement begins in two days.

Stay Tooned!


Here is young George, Al’s son Mike and Jim after they purchased this old project 32 roadster. Note 25 louver hood inside the cockpit.  The car came with all the good stuff we cherish today.

Here is a photo of some of the parts that were included with the car.  That old shed concealed this gem for many years.

Fast forward 30 plus years and the roadster is on the road again.  Those smiling faces are (from the left) George, Mike and Jim.  The biggest smile is the current assembler.

Here are three of the four original roadsters that went on the tour.  The car on the right is George’s which is un-chopped and with all the good stuff, including General Jumbo wheels.  He likes the real stuff on his Deuces.

Here is the fourth Deuce that went on the run with the other 19 cars.  I am a sucker for a maroon car with black fenders.

Yes, I would be smiling also if I was driving this Deuce on the scenic roads of the wine country.  Where is mine?

This is the tail lamp for his 32 sedan delivery that he wants to drive next year. Flathead powered and by shifted by a smooth BW 5 – speed.  The black plate is a requirement on the real deal Deuces.  The 832 is representative of the number of Deuces George owns.  Yes, it is registered and up to date.

This 1961 Watson Indy roadster was on display at JCP.  The restoration was immaculate.  How about the original Halibrand  18″ wheels!

Speedway Engineering, maker of QC’s, always has their hi-tech car in the show.  Look for his booth at the LARS.

Just in case you are a Woody lover there will be some examples of some outstanding metal work in the vendor area.  Just add steel wheels and you have a perfect car .

Today’s Roadster….Dreaming!

Nothing fancy, nothing new, and plenty of patina make this one of my many favorite 34 hiboys.

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