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Happy St. Patrick”s day from Pewsplace. The 80 degree weather has arrived and the roadsters were at Toppers today. They didn’t serve green pizza, but you could order a green beer. Good enough. The conversation was heavy about tops on roadsters and how hard it is to get in and out of the car and back up easily. What a small price to pay. You should drive a sedan delivery.

The new Rodders Journal has two of Alan Johnson’s bare metal Deuces in a nice feature. Most of the folks at the table can’t relate to high dollar cars, but everyone can appreciate the workmanship that comes out of this shop…first cabin. While a lot of people are going back to stock frames and early Ford brakes, it is good to see some builders creating the old look with “go down the road” underpinnings and brakes. You cannot drive safely on the I-5 without good brakes unless you spend all of your time in the left lane. Hot Rodders like to go fast and need good brakes…period.

We have all heard of or located a barn/garage car that sent chills up and down our spine when first viewed. My friend, Gary, sent me some pictures of a 1932 3 window that has been stored for 40 years. The pictures show the condition of the sheet metal which is perfect. I don’t know what we happen to the car, but I am sure the owner will put it together in the fine fashion he is known for. These cars are worth gold to the right person. Thanks Gary for the pictures. I am waiting for my delivery to be discovered. I have found several 40 coupes like this over the years and even my last 3 window. My turn is coming.

I am still proceeding on all three of my projects hoping to have something running this summer. In the meantime, I continue to go on car searches and visit Hot Rod Shops in California.

Stay Tooned!



The trip home was safe and sound. Inside was a bone stock Deuce 3 window in mint condition with all the parts and then some.


Perfect floor. This is truly an amazing find.


Interior shot while in trailer. All metal had been primed in Zinc Chromate for protection.


21 stud motor that was sold immediately. A fresh 8BA is going in its place.


Nice stock dash and steering wheel. We used to drill holes, add gauges and put in a 48- 56 steering box.


Here is Gary’s seat in his new Woody. Perfect.


My front brake lines so far. Not perfect but getting there. This is the 3rd try.

Dreaming, my ride for today.


Nice 5 window. Bobo is thinking about pulling the fenders on his beauty. This should be his inspiration.

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