Topless Tuesday

We are blessed with both high heat and humidity in the LA area. I seem to sweat just walking out to the garage, let alone doing any work. The tennis players at the US Open faced the same condition over the past weekend and I hope they survive the ordeal. I didn’t do much work until today and I finally tackled removing the spring brackets on the rear axle housing. In the past, I have always cut them off with a torch and ground the welds smooth. I tried a new approach using a cut off wheel in my 4 1/2 in grinder and it worked very nice with less damage to the housing tubes. I am planning on setting up the 57 Ford SW housing for a 34 Ford using a stock spring and P&J components. I love the look and if done like Eastwood does them, they ride just fine. More later on this garage project.

The Early V8 National Event starts tomorrow and I hope to attend most days and take some photos of the stockers. Some of my friends have arrived and said the parking lot is starting to fill up with these tasty morsels called restorations. I think I have mentioned that I started out restoring Deuces and hunting all the rare and expensive parts such as 3-window ash trays and cigar lighters. I attend every swap meet in the Detroit area and never missed Hershey searching for the Deuce treasures. I completed my first three window complete with ash tray, sun visors, door pull cords and rear shade. Man was I hooked. I was transferred to South Georgia and the three window was not a car that I felt comfortable driving 250 miles to Atlanta for a car show. The flathead had all the usual problems like overheating, not starting and you know the story. The wife said, we need a bigger car with some horsepower and reliability. I sold the coupe and built a 34 sedan with a SBC. I was hooked and still am but I enjoy looking at the cars the way Henry built them.

I heard from some of you on the fiberglass car blog and I agree with most of you that steel is better if you can find one, but waiting for the Mona Lisa to become inexpensive is just not practical. If you like a style and can find a quality body like a Wescott, then by all means – go for it. You will be riding instead of dreaming.

The week should be a good one for our group and I hope all of you finish out the short week with some great success in your pursuits.

Stay Tooned!



I removed the spring pad from the housing and sanded the area with 80 grit to ensure a nice clean weld surface for the spring hangers from P&J. These are the Eastwood style which lowers the car another inch. I have used them previously with good results.


I had cleaned the housing during the summer but now it needs another scuff to be super clean for TIG welding.


I keep seeing this stunning example of Rick’s roadster showing up on Facebook and I can’t resists showing it to you again. This time without the top.


I also hear from my friends in Germany. He took this shot overlooking downtown Frankfort this morning. Perfect profile for a 34 roadster. Brizio helped him with a lot of ideas on how to make it look and sit right.


Here is another perfect execution of how a 36 Ford roadster should look and sit. Kind of makes you want one of these classic hot rods.


HHR builds some nice rides in their Burbank facility. A great photo of the Iconic Deuce hiboy roadster sitting in front of their shop.


Bruce’s Rod Shop in TX builds very nice high end Deuces for their customers. The above roadster is just one of many the shop has turned out over the years. He also drives his cars over the highway to the LARS each year. The Indy inspired wheels are his specialty. The overall clean design is what I like about the cars coming out of this master builder.

1933 Roadster A

While I prefer the finished looking roadster, there is something about a “Patina” one like this one that makes me take another look.


I know you mostly prefer the Deuce so here is a “Patina” Deuce to satisfy your thirst. Bob-O has the fever for one like this and Billy, at the Early Ford Store, has one.


Keith built this one a few years ago prior to moving to Austin. The interior was made from school bus leather which really looked correct in this car.


For you fender lovers, this one will make you drool and take a closer look. Stance is everything on a model 40 Ford.

Topless Tuesday Picks!


Chris has worked hard to make his 34 satisfy his desire for a roadster. He purchased the car as a project and completed it over the past year. Paint is next.


To go along with the Restored look, here is one I could fall in love with. Dropped axle and stock appointments combined with late model engine make it a winner in my book. Long live the Deuce Phaetons.

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