Topless in a Deuce — Solvang

Jane and I enjoyed a fun day driving Poppe (new female name for Lucky) to Solvang for our annual meeting with roadster owners. We have driven convertibles with the top down but never a Topless roadster. The day was beautiful and lots of fun as we headed up the scenic 1o1 to meet with the group at the River Inn. The initial route was blocked due to fires but we still enjoyed the scenery on the 101. The car ran and rode very nicely and Jane was comfortable in the well designed leather seat. I wear hearing aids so I wore a stocking cap to keep out the noise and protect my ears and bald head. Jane can still talk to me when I have the blue tooth hearing aids. We made a short stop at McDonald’s for some refreshments and a bathroom. Soon we were on our way arriving at the River Grill around noon. Our attendance was down from our confirmed attendees but that is always normal with people in our age group. We ended up with 35 people and enjoyed a wonderful lunch in a very scenic facility at the Alisal Resort. The sandwiches and salads were very large.

After lunch, the group headed to Steve’s Garage for some root beer floats and a tour of his beautiful garage and cars. The main feature was a new Hercules Deuce Woodie that is complete except for paint and upholstery. Steve and his gracious wife opened their home to us and treated us like family. We thanked them for their hospitality and delicious root beer floats. We finally headed home around 3:00 PM. And the ride along the coast was breathtaking with some traffic in Santa Barbara, as usual, but at least we kept moving and Poppe didn’t over heat.

I have this Bucket List item marked off my master list but confess there is a certain feeling you have when you are driving a Topless Red Roadster with your best girl by your side. I can only hope that I can continue to experience this feeling in the future. I can truly say I have —”No Bad Days”— when driving and open wheel roadster on highway 1o1. Thanks Walt and Lorraine for a great day in the sun.

Stay Tooned!


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Poppe was reading for loading the small trunk for today’s adventure.

It didn’t take long to fill up the space and we were ready to go.

Dave captured this shot of Jane and I rolling down the highway 101.

Pit stop at McDonald’s in Santa Barbara.

Dick and Don were all smiles on the trip . Dick is 83 and Don is 87 both are my idols for — “Keeping The Flame Burning!”

Walt was showing the engine compartment in his 1952 Chevy Carryall. We like our engines.

Arriving in downtown Solvang and cruising through the strip to the Alisal Resort.

Windmills are everywhere but I like this one the best on Alisal Road.

The two topless roadsters who braved the fires without their tops.

It always nice to see a 40 aligned with Deuces. Gordon’s was standing tall.

A little hot but still comfortable for lunch. Bobbie’s crew did a fine job of taking car of the Back Road Boys.

After the long drought in CA, Steve hydro seeded his mammoth yard. Talk about neat and perfect!

I still like the DuVall windshield on Hot Rods.

Ken Partch’s Brizio built roadster was looking great in the garage driveway.

I showed this previously but this was the main feature for our viewing up close and personal.

The fan shroud is a nice piece of custom work by Steve’s metalman.

Steve had his RPU AMBR contender on display also. Details abound on this creation.

Steve has his bumper bolts made out of stainless along with matching nuts. Details!


Ken also showed us his latest venture into restoring and modifying old heaters. This Tropic Aire was converted into speakers for his stereo.

Steve, Ken and myself showing off the Collectable light Ken made for me. Thanks Ken for you generosity.

Ken also made this one for Steve who is a large Forty Ford collector.

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