Top Ten Deuces in the Last Ten Years

Those of you who follow the Iconic Deuce will remember the lavish celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the famous Hot Rod. A panel of experts selected the Top 75 Deuces that made a difference in our hobby. The final choices were displayed in grand style in Pomona and some at the Petersen Museum. I still have fond memories of that weekend enjoying the celebration. The 85th Anniversary will be celebrated July 15, 2017 at the Petersen which will be on a smaller scale but nevertheless an important event for Deuce lovers world wide.

To add to the Top 75, I thought I would add 10 more Deuces that Pewsplace thought made an impact in the last 10 years to Deuce lovers. Each of these Deuces were built since 2007. I had no other input so some bias exists in my selection. As you know, I tend to like builds by home builders, Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, Reeds Rides, Roy Brizio and Chad Adams. This group of Deuce builders have continued to build remarkable Deuces that I appreciate. Many other Deuces have been built and may also be significant with additional input by you, my readers. If you have any you think should be included, please let me know and include photos for my future blog in July.

Deuces continue being built by people of all ages and I hope that trend continues. Reproduction bodies help keep the cost down and the demand keeps companies like Brookville in business. My current project chassis is an old style Deuce with no body style in mind. Because of the overpopulated roadster, I am leaning toward a Phaeton or sedan.

Stay Tooned!


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JHRS built this trend setter and many followed with the Stanley Wanlass windshield.

Cory and Darryl put their heads together and built AMBR for 2016. The Traditional look is alive and well.


Perhaps the top sedan built in recent years was Henry’s beauty with many new touches for a hiboy sedan.

George had JHRS build an equally significant sedan for this year’s Autorama.


Phil Becker’s, Dave Lane built 3-window, set the world on fire with his winning Deuce.

Cory built his very Traditional Deuce with some new innovations that everyone is talking about.


Unquestionable one of the nicest Phaetons to be built in the last 10 years.


Yes, the B-400 is starting to show up more since they are being converted by many sources.


Roy made an impression with this hiboy Vicky and more followed his lead in the last 10 years.


I have picked this Deuce Woodie because  it exemplifies the traditional style I love in Deuce Woodies.

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