Top Down — Date Night Rides

I have always been a convertible man even when I lived in the cold Midwest. Inclement weather never stopped me from buying a top down car. My father was always against them for all the obvious reasons, but to me, there was nothing like cruising the town with the top down. A ride through the Steak & Shake, Perry’s and the Shore would certainly be the norm for a Friday night. Rain, cut tops, cold Winters with snow often played on my mind but somehow I could never fall in love with a hardtop. I was cold sometimes but normally the heater would do the job when required. The convertible for me was 1940 – 54 Ford and the 1955 – 57 Chevrolet with the later being out of my price range at the time. I made the jump in College to the Corvette but never lost the love of those early convertibles.

Over the years, I stayed with Corvettes until I ran across a 1940 convertible that I just had to have. My children loved riding in the car with no top, (it blew off) to the ice cream store. I kept that car until then went off to college then sold it to put in a new lawn and landscaping in Danville. I later purchased a 48 convertible from my friend Gary, who found a Dearborn Award Winner for me. I drove that stock to the V8 Meets and when I retired, I converted it to a 350/350 and had lots of fun with Jane going on runs with our friends. I wish I had that one or the yellow one back in the garage. Convertibles will always be a part of my life but in my youth they were a big part of my life.

Take the wife out to dinner driving your convertible and see how many thumbs up and waves you get when you pull into the parking lot.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Tooned!



1940ford2 008

Parked on the ocean front near the sand and walking along the beach just makes you feel better.


If you like the custom look for you 40, then this might light your dates fire. Stude lights were the rage back then.


Chopping the top takes some guts today, but not in the early days. Where is that hacksaw? Remember those Cadillac Sombreros!


The heavy chopped custom was a beautiful sight sitting outside your classroom window waiting for you and your best girl.

1940 ford 002

My high school buddy still has his beautiful convertible. Just changed from Purple with skirts and whitewalls, to this new look.

1940 ford 003

I know this interior looks very inviting to your girlfriend. She could slide over real close while driving.

1940 ford 001

Dave added the Stude lights and 49 Chevy license plate frame.

1940 11

I missed this one early on, but Steve picked it up and drove it for a few years. I think it is back in LA, but not sure. Lots of history behind this one and maybe a high school girl or two.

1940 10

I had one similar to this one and drove the tires off it. I think it is now in San Jose.


Slight chops some pin striping and wide whites with chrome wheels would have been perfect in Decatur, IL.

1940 7

Playing with the top irons is required to take some of the crown out of the rather puffed look top.

1940 8

Tim built one of my favorite 40 rags in the CMG color and knocked dead.

1940 9

Bob does excellent paint and body work as you can see in this photo.


The finished product with flattened top.


If you like them with a lowered lid, then this style looks good.


Lucy was a great retirement project.


Basically stock with an 350/350 added for improved performance.


I rebuilt a 327 – 350 hp and the worked flawlessly.


YaYa was my favorite. Built by Tom Walsh and rode like a dream. Charlie has this car now.


Mr. Bob had a very nice convertible that Sandy loved to drive through the drive – in.


Black always looks good on these rags and the straighter the better. Lots of landscape on the sides to block and sand.

1947 ford sportsman woody f

If you dad was wealthy then you could have driven one of these on Date night.


The true custom taildragger makes for a classy ride through the drive-in at the Shore.


Smoothing out the ragtop also looks good and adds to the early look.


Stance is very important on the big convertibles. Nose down is best for me.


Maize yellow is my favorite color on the 46-48 Ford convertibles.


Lover’s Lane convertibles put you in the mood overlooking the Pacific.

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