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I thought I would select some of my favorites from the blogs in 2010.  It was hard to limit them to 5 but I would put any of them in my garage.  As you know, I have a lot of favorite cars.  You can see I favor hiboy’s over fenders.

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Grand National Roadster Show   Pomona, CA    January

Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run   Pasadena, CA   May

Los Angeles Roaster Show   Pomona, CA     June

Forty Ford Day   LaPalma, CA    June

Wavecrest Woody Show    Encinitas, CA   Sept


3 Window Larry set the bar and it is still too high for most being built today.

Jan let this one get away and I missed it.  The Kennedy Boys took a small amount off thetop and Carl built the frame.  The car now has a hood which completes the package.

Roy can build my style of car and this one is perfect.

Ray put this one together for all of us to admire and drool.  Lobeck style for sure.

Yes, Girlie is my favorite 40 and Sandy is one of my special reporters.


A beautifull sedan in a pretty setting.  This low mileage stocker has a new owner now and hopefully takes good car of her.

Chris, while young in age is old in talent and design.  This is another trendsetter after Varni’s.

Mike built this really nice sedan for me to drool over.  I talked to him at Father’s Day and told him how much I admired his car.

O.K. so I have more than one favorite sedan.  This one by Custom Auto is at the top of most people’s list  who like sedan hiboys.

If fenders are your think then this one should please you.  Resto-rod look by Brizio with all the trimmings


Rory’s son has the roadster for me.  I first saw this one at the PRC last year and really admired the build.

Bruce now has almost all the best of the best in Deuce hiboy roadsters.  The double nickel is one fine roadster.

Back to the model 40 roadsters this is a top contender no matter whose making the list.

A Lobeck chassis and owner build make the unique hiboy a real nice ride.

If I had to have fenders this would be the one for me.  Built by Lowery in NH from  a nice original car.  Flathead powered and lots of details.

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