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The momentum is building all over the world for the people wanting to come to the LARS. We are just twelve days away from the big show. Several of my friends are leaving this week for the journey to Pomona. Many will arrive early, take in several shop tours, visit local events, see old friends or just do some sight seeing in our beautiful city. I  do not have house guests this year so Jane and I will head out to the Early Ford Store and the SO-CAL Open House on Friday. And enjoy the camaraderie of the many folks who will be in attendance. Walden’s will be our last stop for some ice cream and superior metal working examples on display. I will top off the evening by taking Jane to our favorite hilltop restaurant — The Mining Company.

Saturday will be filled with activity exploring the swap meet, vendors and sea of roadsters on display. We normally end up at the Mining Company again and that’s just fine with me. The LARS is the highlight of the year for me. I know there are new rules this year but that shouldn’t stop anyone from coming to the show. The show must go on and I am confident that John Buck will make it the best show he can. Please register your roadster or preferred parking spot today.

I will feature some later style roadsters today including some current builds by some of the newcomers in the hobby.

Stay Tooned!


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If I were a few inches shorter I would build a 29 AV8 like this one, but I don’t fit very well.

The number one 29 is this Moal built beauty for Jeff Bates. He would like to sell it and move up to a Deuce for some added room. If you have and interest let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

A GNRS exhibiter in the SO—Cal Booth was this very nice 34 roadster.

Brizio built in the 90’s, this Deuce is local car and Benny still drives it often.

A stunning example of today’s resto – rod look.

Chad Adams has set the bar high with his Deuce builds. He has a great eye for color and design on his builds.

Europe builds also capture the look with new technology and craftsmanship.

Your basic black Deuce will always be in style. Change the wheels and you have a new look every week.

If Bobby touches a model 40 it will be a winner.

The CCR group has a nice roadster in their membership. I followed this one for a long time and drooled on 101.

Brizio has the touch when it comes to roadsters. This Poteet RJ feature car really got me going when I saw it at the SO — Cal Open house a few years ago.

Roy continues to build roadsters by the dozens with no end in site. He will have a full display at the LARS in his usual spot.

The smooth look was really popular in the 80-90’s on the model 40’s especially with the DuVall windshield.

Combining new and old makes for and interesting build style.

O.K., so I like model 40’s like this yellow one from down under. They have a good source for FG bodies. Wescott has a lead time of 6-7 months for their bodies.

Bruce builds some top end Deuces with his own traditional style. He incorporates excellent detail and engineering in all of his builds.

The Speed 33 has become popular with some folks. Roy built this one and Sid did the interior for and outstanding all weather Cabriolet.

SO-CAL built this beauty for last year’s show and had a crowd around it all weekend. I was one of them.

Early customs are also popular at the show. This look is one I really like with the Carson top, side curtains, steelies and whitewalls.

The top end of the roadsters for the show is the 36 roadster even though they made a 37 roadster. We see more and more of these being built in both steel and FG.

I am partial to this one as it used to be in my garage and was my retirement project until Terry at Stokers finished it to perfection and my liking.

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