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I have a couple of places I need to go today but the high cost of gasoline means I should accomplish a much as possible in the trip.  J&P De-burring will not be done with my valve covers until tomorrow and most of the shops will be closed as they are headed for Bakersfield.  Alan wanted me to stop at IMS and pickup some solid tubing for his sun visor brackets and the wife needs something at the mall so this should be an exciting day of doing nothing but spending money.  Some times I like to just get out of the house and see what is going on in the world of people who go to work everyday.  I find retirement somewhat boring if you don’t have a purpose for the day.  I make myself go out and see people, places and things in order to have something to keep my mind busy.  The day goes by very quickly when doing something and seems to drag out when I just sit and do nothing.

Yesterday afternoon, I got busy and started to strip my C4 valve covers that were powder coated red.  I put some Kleen Strip on one of them and let it set up for 15 minutes and the stripper hardly affected the paint.  I continued this process for another hour and finally called J&P and he told me to bring them over and would blast them for me and tumble them in his process.  If you like the natural look of aluminum this is the place to take your products.  His process lasts for several years and all you have to do is wipe them off with a damp cloth once in a while.  I spent the entire day on this project and finished up the evening with a trip to Baskin-Robbins 31 cents a scoop ice cream special. The wife and I are fans of ice cream but seldom indulge ourself’s  per the doctors orders.

I am off to the Valley in search of a story for tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!


Profile on 3W Larry’s coupe is perfect but maybe not practical to drive very far.  This build set the bar real high for the RB’s look in my mind.

Steve was nice enough to let this cutie sit inside the gorgeous coupe at P-Town a couple of years ago.  We need to educate the youngsters on how nice a hot rod can be.

Rudy can turn them out in bare metal and they are perfect.  No bondo required.  Bones are the thing now.  Have your priced a good wishbone lately?

The Deuce in any condition is worth considerable money in today’s search for original sheet metal.  I know of a fellow who is installing roadster quarters on his 5 window…yes they are a different shape.

How much do you suppose this fellow paid for this Deuce in 1959?  I purchased one in 1985 from Frank for $8K and thought I got a real deal.  Today you would need about $35K — $40K to find a nice rust free example.

Some Deuces I think came with fenders from the factory.  I really don’t know why because we just took them off and stored them away for the next swap meet.  This is a Santa Barbara car that was up for sale few years ago.

Jeff in Virginia has great taste in Deuces.  He is a dealer and buys some of the nicest traditional cars around.  Jay built this one for Jan and then let it get away.  The Kennedy Boy’s chopped the top 1 1/2 inches just to see if you would notice.  This one belongs back in LA in my garage.

If you prefer 5 windows as I do then Jim Busby’s coupe is the one you should copy.  If you have the opportunity to see this one please take a good look and lots of pictures.

They know how to build them in Australia also.  This fine example looks like it is owned by a lady who stopped and hung out her washing.  Nice ride, Mate!

Today’s 5 model 40 5 window…..dreaming!

This very clean home built 1934 Ford 5 window is another example of the retro movement that is done correctly and on a budget.  The cost of admission is high but after that you can really make it happen.

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