Thursday’s Turmoil

December is visit the Doctor month for the Pew family. I always schedule my checkups so I can start the new year off with a fresh outlook on life. Yesterday, at the dentis,t I was given a clean bill of health and secured a lead for a “old Ford car” from my dentist. He told me that his neighbor was selling off his collection due to his poor health. He wasn’t sure, but thought the car was a 1940 Ford coupe that has been in the family since new. Can you believe this? Needless to say, I will be over there Saturday to take a look. It pays to mention that you like old cars to everyone you know. I have found several over the years. Today, I go back to the surgeon to see what is wrong with my recent hernia operation. I will ask him if he knows of any old cars as there is a very clean 55 Chevy two door post parked in front of his office. If I have to have this deal done over again, I am going to ask for the Chevy.

Pictures are getting hard to come by so send me some.

Good news the surgery doesn’t have to be done over right now so I can have a good Christmas with the family.

Here are some photos.


Donnie installing one of Sid’s Bob Top’s.  Turned out super.


Sid’s installation on a 34.  I like it a lot. 


Stock top on Mumford’s 33 at Brizio’s.  This is the best looking top for me. 


Texas flap adds style. 


Stock irons and bows adds class. 


Kentucky car now residing in LA.  Medium Cabernet red.  Super color. 

Sneak Peek 


This year’s Roadster show.  Phaeton hiboy from back east.  Nice looking with bias tires and cowl numbering. 

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