Thursday’s Tudors

I have been thinking about a Deuce Hiboy sedan for a couple of years, but I have liked them since Bob and Sharon Kolmos built their cars in the early eighties. Both cars started life as a Tudor sedan and Boyd and Fat Jack cut them up into beautiful hi- tech hot rods. Today’s trends are different and the price of a Tudor exceeds a Brookville roadster body by a great deal. A nice project sedan can run from $15K to over $30K for a complete car. Now, we all know there are too many Deuce Hiboys and even more being built, so why has the sedan become so popular? Old age, comfort, the need for A/C and heat all contribute to the fact that a sedan is a nice second car to the roadster in the garage. I have owned a couple of sedans over the years and always enjoyed the ride and the room. The wife likes the sedan much better than a roadster or convertible as her hair doesn’t get messed up going down the road. I don’t have that problem if you have seen me lately.

I have purchased a sedan that needs to be put together so maybe I will start on it next year. I have a real nice frame with a Winters QC and a dropped axle. Carl, at the Deuce Frame Company put it together for me and I need to finish the welding and installation of the components. I love this phase of the building process.

As you can see, if you follow this blog, I have several projects in the works and nothing to drive. The season is almost over so I should have plenty of time to get something running prior to Christmas. My Christmas car will have my roadster going down the road with me driving. Remember, I am a dreamer and today is September 11, 2008. We shall never forget.

Let’s look at some sedans.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s Boyd built Phaeton designed by Thom Taylor. The car is still perfect today. This was the style of the 80’s.


You need to start with a good frame. This is one from Bruce’s Rod Shop in TX. Nice work with Indy Repo wheels.


Yes, even in a sedan a QC is mandatory for the look and sound. The helical cut gears quiet down the noise a whole lot.


This is what I can afford. A nice Retro from the LARS this year. The car came from MO.


The Kennedy Bros. nice chopped Hiboy sedan at SO-CAL this year.


High end Hiboy with all the good stuff. The car was on ebay for $85K and sold.


It would take guts, but a Vicky looks good also, especially in yellow.


Here is a switch a channeled high boy.



I do like full fendered cars as well. Gray with the yellow wires looks very classic to me.

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