Thursday’s Tudors

As you mature, you sometimes become too practical for your own good.  I have always loved the roadsters but when my two children came along it became obvious that if I wanted to include my family in my weekend activities I would have to have a larger car.  My first choice was a phaeton with two seats and lots of room.  I soon realized that while good looking they were not practical going down the road with the wife and kids.  After searching for something more practical, I finally settled on a Deuce sedan with a chopped top.  The car satisfied all the requirements for the family and in those days was less expensive than a phaeton.  The family and I enjoyed the car but I would always admire the roadsters who passed us by on the way to the event.  I later sold my sedan and tried a Deuce 3 window as my children no longer wanted to go to events.  I drove it for a short time and the purchased a 40 convertible, thinking the two seats and roll up windows would maybe entice my children to go with me again.  Nope, the interest was not there.  I drove the convertible for many years and finally traded it for a 40 sedan with lots of room.  My message is you should stick to what you really like instead of being practical provided you keep peace in the family.

Tudor sedans are still one of my favorite body styles.  Coupes and roadsters will always be more popular and scream hot rod but the old sedans remain at the top of the list for comfort and space.  I like Deuces, Model 40’s and of course the 1940 Fords in the sedan line up.  I prefer the tudor style but have seen some really nice 4 doors over the years.  I don’t think anyone reproduces a steel tudor sedan but I am sure that is because the demand is for the coupes and roadsters.  Maybe there is one in the works!

Stay Tooned!


The phaeton was a classy ride but proved to be too windy for the family.  I still love the look of the Deuce tub.

The 40 convertible provided lots of fun but needed to be restored.  The car was a CA rust free example with a very tired flat head engine.

I hauled this sedan home, which Frank sold me, and fell in love with the body style.

I had Fat Jack build me one of his chassis for my first practical 40 sedan.  I still had the unpractical Boyd roadster at the same time.  I had limited time to work on these cars but I really enjoyed the construction process on both cars.

Waiting in line at the LARS provides lots of time to look at the cars parked in line for the swap meet.

I love 34 sedans but prefer them with fenders which would be easy to install as all the holes are remaining in the chassis.

The Deuce sedan looks much better in the hiboy version.  A little too much chop for me but nice.

I always liked this example parked off the highway for a photo shoot.  I would pull over and have a look.

Today’s Sedan….dreaming!

Forty sedans are very photogenic when they are done up with flames, whitewalls and red steelies.  The interior is a dark red and very nice.

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